Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Whitney tried to put on the brakes but Philtzer propelled her forward anyway. She managed to stop completely bracing her hands on the door frame to the study. She couldn't make herself go any further. Philtzer grabbed her shoulders and steered her into the room.

"Come on he won't bite," he chuckled. 

Madraeus was standing behind his desk with both hands braced on it. His fierce expression made Philtzer stop.

"Then again maybe he will," he muttered under his breath. Whitney immediately started to back pedal.

"Oh no you don't. Sit." Madraeus snapped indicating the chair with his eyes.

Whitney stopped, then bit by bit came forward. Slowly she sat down in the chair in front of his desk. It was the same chair that she had interviewed in. She felt no less nervous now.

"Four hours. That's it." Madraeus glanced at her, "You've only been gone four hours. And yet you managed to find trouble. What is it with you?" he threw up his hands. "Do you put up a sign or something?" He was almost shouting. "Do you call them up before you leave so they can come find you easier?" 

"No!" Whitney couldn't believe the things he had said. "How dare you? This is not my fault!"

"Isn't it?" he challenged.

"No! I'm not doing all this on purpose!" She jumped out of her chair. "I never asked to be dragged into all this craziness! Yes I may have been stupid enough to go to that night club and stupid enough to run away today but I don't plan it out first!" She slammed her fists onto the desk. "How was I supposed to know he'd have a werewolf? I thought daylight would be safe!"

"I didn't!" Madraeus growled.

"Oh yeah you're so smart!" Whitney snarled.

"Well if you had done as I asked and stayed here you wouldn't have gotten into trouble to start with!" He snarled back.

"Yes I would have!" Whitney protested, "just a different kind."

"What are you talking about?" Madraeus growled.

"That detective was at the funeral just like we said he would be," Whitney said smugly.

Madraeus stared at her for a moment. Philtzer saw his chance and stepped up.

"She's right, Boss. He was there and he was real interested in watching Whitney. He followed us to the reception too."

"What?" Whitney turned to Philtzer. She had been so wrapped up in her own anguish she hadn't noticed the detective.

"Oh yeah, he showed up right after we did. Did a double take on our car too." Philtzer nodded. 

"Do you think he followed us?" Whitney asked Philtzer.

"Hard to say," he shrugged. "We got there, he got there and went in. You shot out of there and we took off after you."

Whitney's heart started to pound. What if he had followed her again and seen the confrontation with the wolf?

"You better sit down and tell me everything," Madraeus sighed.

Whitney could barely sit still as Philtzer recounted the events at the funeral and afterward. Mrs. Myers had joined them not long after Philtzer had started talking. Madraeus listed patiently to Philtzer's report. He then asked Mrs. Myers view of the events. Whitney jumped up and started pacing. She was completely mortified as Mrs. Myers retold of Whitney's interrogation and resultant expulsion from the house at the hands of Lisa's mother. She started to chew on the nail of her index finger. 

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