Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

"Unkhabami?"  Madraeus rose from behind his desk as the woman and Rami entered. 

"Madraeus,you are well?" 

"Yes, and you?" Madraeus smiled graciously. 

"I am well," she inclined her head in a small bow. "You have a new receptionist."

"Yes," he said tightly. 

"Hmm." She smiled in a way that made all of Madraeus' nerves go on alert. The High Priestess of the Paka Watu rarely left the jungles of the Congo. She never did anything without a purpose, even conversation, and that she was asking about Whitney made Madraeus nervous.

"Would you care to have a seat?" Madraeus swept a hand toward the armchairs in the corner. 

She glided across the room just like the giant jungle cat that she could transform into. She slid into the leather chair and turned her amber eyes to Madraeus. 

"To what do we owe the honor of this visit?" Madraeus said carefully.

"You know that I do not like the city but I felt that I could not ignore the Call."  

Madraeus nodded. Like Mrs. Myers, Unkhabami had the ability to prophesize. She was a master in the arcane arts. Unfortunately Unkhabami usually foretold massive catastrophes.

"There are stirrings," she said gravely. 

"What kind of stirrings?" Rami said from across the room where he had waited to hear what Unkhabami had to say. Rami never strayed far from Unkhabami when she visited. Madraeus knew that something had happened between them long ago. He often wondered about their history but would never ask. After all he was a man who was well versed in keeping his own secrets. 

"Old things are surfacing." The priestess sat forward, her amber eyes glowed with the intensity of what she was saying. "Someone is digging up the old sources."

"What old sources?" Madraeus asked.

"The beginning members of the Races, the oldest vampires and werewolves and other things better left buried. It is a gathering storm."

"I thought the old sources were wiped out," Rami shook his head.

"No, not wiped out, but hidden, some imprisoned." Unkhabami corrected.

"Imprisoned how?" 

"Some by magic, some by ancient machines," The priestess shrugged.

"Who's digging?" Madraeus asked quietly but he was pretty sure he knew the answer.

"It is who you think." Unkhabami confirmed. Madraeus and Rami exchanged glances.

"Alright. Thank you for telling me." Madraeus sighed. "You know that you could have called instead of coming all the way here."

 "No my friend. I had to come in person. I had to have a look at her myself. What do you think of Whitney Martindale?" she asked watching him carefully. Madraeus couldn't help it he snorted. Unkhabami raised an eloquent eyebrow.

Madraeus' nerves pricked again, "Why?"

Unkhabami only grinned. It was like one of Rami's grins, the ones he used when he was going to let you find out for yourself what he already knew. Madraeus wondered if Rami learned it from the priestess.

"I will only say this. Keep an eye on her and keep her close. It is important." With that cryptic message she stood and glided out of the room.

For a long time Madraeus just stared at the chess set that occupied the table between the chairs. Finally he sighed. 

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