Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Madraeus watched Cecelia and Whitney. He kept waiting for something to happen but the two women exchanged a few words then parted. He narrowed his eyes. No one ever got away from Cecelia that easy. His eyes followed Cecelia as she glided toward the orchestra. Suspicion glared to life. What if Whitney worked for Cecelia? No she couldn't be. Mrs. Myers had recommended her and he knew for a fact that Mrs. Myers held no love for Cecelia. She couldn't be working with Cecelia. Madraeus looked back toward Whitney. She looked up at him then fled the room.

He started to thread his was through the crowd toward the door Whitney had left through. Madraeus' head shot up. His nostrils flared.


He looked around. Werewolves and vampires alike were sniffing the air. The smell of fresh blood filled the air. Madraeus pushed his way through the crowd. Rami was right on his heels. He had to get to the source before the others. From the strength of the scent there had to be a lot of blood. It was going to be a feeding frenzy.

Madraeus slipped through the door. The scent was coming from a small office just down the hall. There was a trail of blood leading away from the office but the source of the scent was still in the room. Cautiously Madraeus peered into the darkened room. His eyes did not need more light than what came from the hall to pick out the body lying against the wall. Recognition hit him like a Mac truck.

"NO!" He raced into the room sliding the last few feet on his knees.

"Whitney!" gently he picked her up. She was very pale. Blood covered her neck and chest. Hunger bubbled to life but Madraeus stamped it down. "Whitney, open your eyes!" he commanded. Slowly she drifted back from sleep.

"Whitney?" Rami said as he came up beside him.

"Whitney, stay with me," Madraeus ordered.

"Figures I'd die in an office," she said the words so quietly. Her eyes drifted close again.

"No, Whitney, stay awake."

"She's still losing blood, whatever idiot did this didn't close the wound," Rami whispered.

Madraeus leaned forward. He gently held Whitney's head as he bent to her neck. The smell of blood fired his hunger. It was on the floor and all over Whitney. He closed his eyes and shook from the effort of trying to control it. Then suddenly the perfume that Whitney wore teased his nose and filled his head bringing a moment of clarity. Quickly before he lost control again he ran his tongue across the bite marks closing them. The blood stopped flowing. He held her close for a moment feeling her life. Her heart still beat but slowly. Her chest rose and fell almost steadily against him.

"Get Myers," Madraeus rasped out. Rami eyed his friend. He was still shaking. Rami quickly turned from the couple.

"Get back!" He pushed against the crowd at the door. "Mrs. Myers!"

Madraeus kept holding Whitney tight to his chest. The taste of her was on his tongue; sweet, young, vibrant and warm. He fought against the need to taste her again. He wanted more of that sweetness, that warmth, but more than that he wanted her. He wanted Whitney. He didn't know why. He barely knew her.

He pulled back to look at her. Stroking her cheek with a blood covered finger, he watched her eyes flutter as if she was dreaming. She really was beautiful even this close to death. He could save her from dying, but it meant killing her. All that was Whitney would be gone. She would live as he did. A cold existence in the darkness for eternity, but at least she would live.

It wouldn't take much... he thought leaning forward again.

"Ray?" Mrs. Myers touched him lightly on the shoulder. He looked up at her. "Bring her upstairs."

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