Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Madraeus paced the length of his study again. They had spent as much time as they could looking for Justin before the sun came up but Justin had disappeared completely. None of the wolves could even pick up his scent around The Loop. For being such a new vampire this kid was incredibly adept at avoiding capture. Madraeus knew that he had an accomplice and he was almost certain that it was Cecelia. Although why would she bother helping Justin if she had a bigger plan in mind? It didn't make sense. If Unkhabami was right and Cecelia was searching out the old sources then she would have more important matters to attend to than this thing between Justin and Whitney and yet it was all too convenient that Whitney had come to work for InfiniCorp right when Justin had been turned. There had to be more to this mess than was first apparent. 

 What if she really had been in league with Justin? After all she hadn't been hurt while several other people had been injured or killed. His heart sank. What if she was on her way back to Cecelia? 

He'd kill her. Madraeus started to pace again. How could she betray him like this? After all she had called Cecelia a bitch and no one could call Cecelia names and then walk away. What if it had all been an act? Whitney had to be working for her. But if she was working with Justin and Cecelia why had they left her to die? 

Madraeus growled in frustration and threw himself into a chair. His priorities were out of order. He knew he should be tracking down Cecelia. He caught site of Rami who was slouched down in one of the arm chairs dozing. Madraeus wished he could join him but there was no way he was going to sleep until Whitney was back.

Where the Hell was Whitney? How long were they going to keep her? What if they kept her as a suspected accomplice? What if she was intentionally spilling their secret and the police were getting ready to raid his offices right now? Madraeus jumped to his feet. He paced again. This was getting him nowhere. Maybe if he could bury himself in his work he wouldn't keep obsessing over Whitney. With a sigh he sat down at his desk determined to think of something else. 

Madraeus heard the door swing open and surged to his feet. Dread filled him when he saw Philtzer was alone. He tried not to look down the hall past him.

"Where's Whitney?" 

"She's fine," Philtzer held up his hand in a placating gesture. 

"Where?" Madraeus frowned. Rami sat up eying Madraeus silently.

"Now boss, you gotta understand that she has been through a really tough night," Philtzer continued.

"Where?" Madraeus asked again.

"She's gone to lie down," as Philtzer said it Madraeus made to move past him but Philtzer stepped in front of him.

"I think you should let her be. She is not prepared to handle a confrontation right now."

"Get out of my way," Madraeus snarled.

"Ray, maybe you should let her be for a while." Rami said quietly.

Madraeus didn't say anything for a moment. He just stared at Philtzer. He was nearing the breaking point. He was incapable of waiting any longer to confront Whitney. He had to know that she was alright and that she hadn't betrayed him.

"Move." He hissed. Philtzer stood between his boss and Whitney only a moment longer and then shifted aside slowly. Madraeus pushed past him and stalked down the hall. Philtzer looked back at Rami unsure of whether or not he should follow. Rami was smiling. He actually chuckled as he slouched back in his arm chair leaving Philtzer totally confused.

Whitney stood in front of the bathroom mirror staring at her reflection for a long time. Her hair was frazzled and her eye makeup had smeared. Her cheeks were pale and there was blood on her clothes. 

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