Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

After a nightmare-filled sleepless night, she awoke to Grammy calling for an explanation of her three day absence.

"I just don't understand why you're staying at this job. It just seems a little odd to me that you live at work and he has you keeping such strange hours. Then he drags you off on business without one word of warning." Whitney made another mark on the scratch paper laying on her desk. So far Grammy had managed to insert this particular comment three times already into the conversation.

Whitney couldn't bring herself to confess where she had really been. There was no way that she could tell her grandmother that she had been attacked by a vampire ex-boyfriend and that her boss had saved her life by not sucking her blood. It just didn't seem sane somehow. 

"I don't know what to tell you, Grammy. It's just the job." She had felt terrible about lying but what choice did she have? 

"But three days? You couldn't call me in three days?"

"I'm sorry, Grammy, we were busy."

"Are you sure you're not getting in over your head?"

"No," Whitney blinked back the tears that threaten her lies. "This really is a good job, Grammy. I have to go to work now. Love you."

Whitney sighed and dragged herself out of bed. Although she wanted desperately to talk to someone about all this she just didn't think that her grandmother was the right one for the job. Whitney didn't even know if she'd believe her anyway. She barely believed it herself. If Rami hadn't showed her she probably still wouldn't. It had scared the Hell out of her when Rami showed her his fangs. She could only imagine the damage that would do to her grandmother. 

Whitney had thought about it long and hard while she was lying awake all night. She was pretty sure that the only reason that she had been able to cope with her new knowledge was because she had already spent time with Rami first. Knowing that he was a really nice guy allayed a lot of her fears. The giant was frightening enough at first impression. If Whitney had learned that he was a vampire the first day she had met him she probably would have run screaming from the room. Although, she was ready to do that anyway when she thought about going back to work. Now that she knew that vampires and werewolves were the clients that came through her door everyday she was a little apprehensive about sitting in that office all by herself. 

She knew that Rami was there if she needed him but he was still one of Them. Whitney felt very much alone but fear of Madraeus coming to find her and drag her into work was enough to make her swallow her fear and cross the hall. 

To her surprise she had spent the whole morning receiving well-wishers and courtesy calls from concerned clients. She was sure that every member of the Races that she had met so far had called to see how she was doing. She hadn't realized that she had met so many people since starting work here. It had been an exhausting and humbling morning. 

Now all she wanted to do was to get through a cup of coffee and a little stack of cookies before she had to see anyone else or answer the phone again. She was just indulging in the first chocolate chip cookie when she looked up and Philtzer was sitting on the corner of her desk. She jumped when she saw him sloshing coffee onto the desk.

"What is it with you people? You're always popping up with no warning," she accused wiping up the liquid. 

"It's all part of the fun." Philtzer grinned at her and reached over to steal a cookie from her stack.

"Hey! I earned those!" She tried to grab it back but wasn't fast enough.

"Really? What else would you do for a cookie?" he asked waggling his eyebrows at her. 

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