Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

"That wasn't as fun as I thought it was going to be," she grumbled. 

She'd hoped for some resolution or guidelines or something but now she just felt sad. She had assumed that vampires were the evil undead with no soul or heart but he wasn't. He was just a man. Well maybe not just. She didn't want to think about Madraeus being just like her. She was definitely in deeper water than she had first thought. She sat replaying all the things that he had said. Unfortunately things now made less sense than before. Suddenly her phone rang. Not the Ravilla Leash, as she called it, but her real phone.


"Hey girl, we haven't seen you in a while!" Kaylee's voice chirped. She had almost forgotten she had normal friends.

"Yeah, I know." She didn't want to explain why. Fortunately Kaylee had never been one to care.

"Well we're going out tonight. You wanna come? Girls night!" she screamed happily.

"Maybe," she was really tired from her workout but then again maybe it would get her mind off of her new life. 

"Oh just say yes, I know you have been hiding since the Justin thing."

"Justin thing?" Whitney asked suddenly on guard.

"Yeah we heard you two broke up. You need to get out and get on with your life! Just come out with us and you'll forget all about it."

"Um I don't know," Whitney hedged thinking about Madraeus' warning. 

"Great, text me the address and we'll come pick you up. Be right there!"

Before Whitney could protest the call ended. She sighed as she texted her new address. 

"So much for crawling into bed," she groaned as she dragged herself off of the couch to change. 

In the half an hour that it took for her friends to drive downtown, Whitney had changed into a short black dress with boots. Whitney's phone vibrated as she picked it up. It was Kaylee. They were downstairs waiting. 

She picked up the Ravilla Leash and cringed. Madraeus had asked her to take someone along if she left, but if she brought along one of his bodyguards she would have to explain his presence to her friends and that would lead to explaining other things that she wasn't allowed to talk about. 

"I should probably tell him I'm going." Her phone vibrated again. If she didn't go down they would come up and then there would be even more questions. She sighed.

"Dude. He's gonna be pissed at me either way so..." she grabbed her jean jacket and headed for the elevator. "Better to ask forgiveness than be denied action." 

"Dude, how did you get this gig?" Kaylee asked looking up at the skyscraper Whitney had walked out of. 

"Just lucky I guess," Whitney shrugged. She had no intention of going into any details. "Where's everyone else?" She asked as the drove toward the huge area in lower downtown Denver known as LoDo that was populated mostly by the party crowds.

"They're gonna meet us there." Kaylee said as she looked for a parking place. They were all girls that worked for Mrs. Myers. As Whitney listened to Kaylee rattle on about the latest gossip from their group of friends she felt and odd sense of surrealism. She felt like there was normal reality on one side and the reality that contained monsters on the other and she was in the middle. She was literally on the fence and could see both sides at the same time it was like having double vision.

Finally they found a parking spot, it was a block away from the club Kaylee wanted to go to. As they walked toward the club she saw that Lisa, Emma, and Ashley were already waiting for them by the door. Kaylee and Whitney got in line with them. They could hear the music pulsing from inside.  

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