Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

"Ha! I was right Mrs. Myers is loaded!" 

Mrs. Myers' house wasn't a house. It was a mansion. It was three stories with windows everywhere. It reminded Whitney of an English estate manor. She lived at the west edge of the city nestled up against the mountains. There was a huge circle drive out front with a fountain in the middle. It was lined with cars and limos. A set of wide marble stairs led up to the house. 

Whitney could hear Madraeus stomping behind them as they went up the stairs. She swore that man had more mood swings that any woman. Well she wasn't going to let it spoil her evening. 

They were met at the door by attendants who took their coats and then led them through to a glittering ballroom. For a moment she just stood in the door and stared. Two huge crystal chandeliers hung from the inlaid ceiling making the room sparkle. There was a small stage at the far end with a live mini orchestra playing. Round tables and chairs were scattered around the edges of the room. Everywhere she looked there were men in tuxedos and women in evening gowns. The whole room glittered. She felt like she had been transported through time. It was beautiful. 

 "Close your mouth Whitney. You look positively provincial." Madraeus whispered as he moved past her to greet the first group of people.

Whitney glared at his back trying to control the sudden urge to walk up and kick him in the shin. 

"Whitney?" Mrs. Myers said coming up beside her.

"Hi, Mrs. M.," Whitney turned and gave her a quick hug. "Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you, I almost didn't recognize you. You are absolutely stunning. Wherever did you find that dress?"

"Well I wish I could take the credit but I didn't find it. He did," she jerked a thumb over her shoulder toward Madraeus.

"Oh really?" Mrs. Myers gave her a piercing look. After a moment she turned it on Madraeus. "Hmm."

"What do you mean, hmm?" Whitney challenged. She never got her answer because Rami stepped up and bowed gallantly. 

"Mrs. Myers," he rumbled, "Happy Birthday."

"Thank you, Rami." 

Whitney glanced around and noticed a banner proclaiming Happy 2,325th Birthday hanging above the orchestra. She smiled at least someone had a sense of humor.

"Nice banner," Whitney laughed. 

"Yes, well," Mrs. Myers blushed. 

She turned and took Whitney and Rami by the arms and led them toward the dance floor.

"Now you two kids go and have some fun. Rami, I expect you to keep Whitney out of danger."

"Yes ma'am." Rami bowed as Mrs. Myers wandered off to speak to her other guests. 

"What did she mean out of danger?" Whitney asked as she watched her employer move through the crowd. Rami sighed.

"Whitney Martindale, you are in a different world tonight. Many of the people here are not quite what you think. Try to be careful what you say." 

"I doubt it's all that dramatic but I'll behave." Rami looked down at her expectantly. "I promise." Whitney finally shrugged.

She felt slightly self-conscious and ungainly. Everyone in the room seemed to be beautiful, graceful, and sophisticated. Some were familiar she had seen them come through the office. Those she had met before seemed genuinely glad to see her but the ones that she hadn't met yet weren't so nice. Most treated her with contempt but their condescension quickly disappeared when Rami explained that she was Ravilla's new receptionist. Whitney finally grabbed Rami's sleeve and dragged him aside.

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