Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Pounding loud enough to wake the undead jolted Madraeus awake. 

"What!" he roared. The door sprang open admitting Rami.

"Justin's gone." Rami scowled.

"What?" Madraeus repeated. He scrambled out of bed. Mrs. Myers stood in the door way wringing her hands. 

"Where's Whitney?" Fear clenched his gut. He knew before he even asked.

"Gone," Mrs. Myers cried.

"Tell me," he growled.

"I've looked everywhere," Mrs. Myers was close to tears.

"She woke me to help look. That is when I found Justin's cell empty." Rami sighed. "Someone let him out."

"She wouldn't dare." Madraeus stared at Rami. The possibilities shot through his mind. Was this why she had been so nervous earlier?

"Why would she let him go?" Rami asked, "After all we went through to catch him?"

"You think Whitney let him go? She would never do such a thing!" Mrs. Myers denied vehemently. 

Madraeus stood staring at Mrs. Myers for a moment. His heart wanted to deny it too but circumstances said something different. He shifted his gaze to Rami, "Get the security tapes." Rami nodded and disappeared up the stairs. Mrs. Myers followed him.

Madraeus stalked back to his room and found his phone. He dialed Whitney's number and walked back out to the kitchen while he waited for an answer. He pulled a bottle from the fridge and took a drink. He reached her voice-mail. He tried three more times but still only got her voice-mail. 

He was still buttoning his shirt as he took the stairs two at a time to join Rami in the Security Room. Rami was already scanning a tape in fast forward. It showed Philtzer and Thomas carrying Justin in and then after a pause they left. Then after a few moments they watched as Madraeus entered the room. Madraeus drained the bottle he was holding while they waited for the tape to speed through events. Finally they saw Madraeus leaving the cell. They continued to watch the tape speed through time trained on an empty corridor until suddenly they saw Whitney.

"There." Madraeus leaned forward. Rami slowed the tape. They watched as Whitney checked the cell doors and then opened Justin's. Madraeus clenched his jaw. They saw her enter Justin's cell.

"Ray?" Mrs. Myers began but he cut her off.

"Are you so sure of her?" he asked quietly not taking his eyes off the tape.

"Yes." Mrs. Myers said with absolute conviction. They kept watching. It certainly looked like Whitney was helping Justin escape, but then it all changed. Whitney bolted only to be grabbed by Justin. They watched as he twisted her arm and held his hand over her mouth. They moved into the elevator. The last moment the camera caught was Whitney being thrown against the elevator wall before the doors closed.

Madraeus straightened staring at the frozen image of the elevator doors.

"Why would she help him to begin with?" Rami asked.

Madraeus turned and stalked toward the door.

"Madraeus what are you going to do?" Mrs. Myers called.

He paused at the door. "I'm going to find her," he said over his shoulder and then he was gone.

Whitney was dragged through the darkness of yet another tunnel. Obviously the vampires and werewolves could see a lot better in the dark than she thought. The mine shafts were only illuminated about every hundred feet. They moved first one way then another by the time they finally stopped Whitney was totally confused. She wasn't sure how far they had come or which direction was out. She heard the sound of a key in a door. Then she was thrust forward onto the floor. She heard the door slam behind her and the key scraped again. 

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