Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

It had been a long three days of nothing but failures. Every location on Whitney's list of possible places Justin could be had been meticulously checked. Every possibility was being chased down but still there was no sign of Justin. 

The absoluteness of Justin's disappearance and the lack of information seemed to be too convenient. He knew someone was helping Justin and the fact that there had been no word from Cecelia was enough to make Madraeus almost positive it was her. Usually she was as loud as a banshee when someone insulted her but this time, not a peep. 

The race for information on the old sources was no more successful than the hunt for Justin. He had anyone who wasn't looking for Justin looking up information on the old sources. Unfortunately Cecelia was way ahead of him already. Several times his researchers had gone searching for an obscure book or a text only to find that it had gone missing.  He wondered how many sources she had already freed. She was dangerous at the best of times, but with real power behind her she would be lethal to the world.  

He had spent a long night hunting Justin and had barely made it to Mrs. Myers before the rising sun. It was almost eight in the evening when he finally awoke. That bothered him. He never overslept. 

"I must be getting old," he said with a derisive snort. He sprinted up the stairs into the kitchen just to prove that he was not old and immediately scared Whitney.

She had been standing at the stove in those disconcerting pink bunny pajamas pouring hot milk from a pan into the mug she was holding. At his sudden appearance she yelped and jumped, pouring the near scalding liquid on her hand. She dropped the mug and spilled rest all over the stove.

"Damn!" she hissed diving for the sink to run cold water over her hand. "You should wear a bell or something!"

"Are you alright?" he asked moving over to the sink.

"I would be if you would quit sneaking up on me," she snapped.

"I don't do it intentionally." 

"No, I'm sure it's all part of your vampy nature," Whitney mumbled as she pulled her hand out of the water. She tried to examine it but the only light on was above the stove.

"Let me see," Madraeus said gently, ignoring her surly attitude. He could see just fine in the dim light but he didn't want to unsettle her. Although she seemed to be handling her new situation pretty well but he didn't want to push it.  So he tugged on her hand so she would follow him to the stove. Madraeus held her hand out to the light. They both leaned forward to see her burn. 

Their heads were so close that her hair was tickling his temple. He could feel her gaze. 

"You are wearing those pajamas again." He said softly.

"If you don't like them, tough, I haven't got anything else to wear to bed," she whispered defensively.

"I didn't say I didn't like them." The corners of his mouth twitched."And as much as I would like to discuss what you are wearing to bed, I think we should put a little burn cream on this to keep it from blistering."

Whitney blinked at him then looked at her hand. There was a tiny spot where the milk had first hit her skin that was turning an angry red.

"Oh," Whitney groaned. She started to look around dubiously.

"I'll get it," he pulled out a stool from under the counter, "here, sit."

She hopped up on the stool. He turned away and opened drawers and cupboards until he found the first aid kit under the sink.

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