Chapter 9

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I'm awoken by an alarm on my phone and I groan softly. I take a few moments to gather my surroundings. I was still on the couch but my mom had now disappeared.

  I sit up and rub my eyes as I unlock my phone to see what the alert was. "Very urgent run through of the script at 9. Do NOT be late" the alert had said. Everyone on the movie had been given their number so they could receive these alerts. I check the time and see that I was 8:45.

   I groan even louder this time and get up. I run up to my room and change my shirt into a loose dark green shirt and dark skinny jeans. I shove on a pair of black combat boots and make my way out the door. "Left for script run through. Meet up for lunch", I send a text to my mom.

   I jump into my car and speed off towards the set. I glance down at the clock which now read 8:56. There's no way in hell or heaven that I was gonna make it in time. I lived at least 15 minutes from set.

   I step on the gas, making the car run a whopping 105 MPH. I pray to the god I don't believe in, praying that there were no cops around. I assume he heard the prayer of the atheist because I turn into the parking lot at exactly 9. By the grace of god, he works miracles.

  I turn the car off and run inside, showing my ID to about 7 people on the way. I barge into the room with sweat beating on my forehead. "I'm here!", I call out and see all the actors gathered in a circle in chairs. I check my phone and see that it reads 8:00. "I made it"

  "Yes, Mr. Mendes. Thank you for showing up", the director says, a polite smile on his face. He wasn't upset with me which was a huge relief. I take my seat as he asks me to do and I look over, seeing Elijah right beside me.

   I roll my eyes as he doesn't even give me a glance and I'm handed a script. My lines are high lighted and let out a hm in surprise. "I thought I was suppose to high light my own lines?", I say out loud.

   "Oh, Elijah asked if he could do it for you this morning. He was here really early", The assistant director says and my eyes widen slightly in surprise. I look over at him and he stares forward.

  What is up with this d*mn kid and his mixed signals? Who the hell ignores someone on their date and then high lights their script for them?

 How am I going to survive this?

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