Chapter 14

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"Why does your phone keep going off? It's gonna give us away!", Elijah hisses, sneaking through the field. He had been tense ever since we arrived.

"Right, because your bright white hoodie isn't already doing that", I tell him, chuckling. He rolls his eyes and I force myself not to push him against the wall and dare him to do it again. "It's nothing. I'll silence it". I do as I say and get my phone out of my back pocket, turning it completely off.

"Thank you", he huffs. We finally get to a large old brown barn. "This looks completely abandoned. What are we even doing here?". He looks around, frowning.

I open the barn door, letting him walk through. "This is what I call the creativity corner. It's owned by some douche bag that lives up the road, but he never uses it. Can't wait to see when he does", I chuckle. I walk over to a black bag laying on the ground and toss Elijah a can of white spray paint.

"No", he says, tossing it back. I give him a look, tossing it back at him. "Malachi I'm not doing this!", he says, almost whining. He catches the spray paint anyway.

"Look around. I've done this millions of times. This is a place I've come to since I was 10. It helps me take my aggression out, and it helps me keep up with my art. Now find a corner and get creative", I tell him, putting my hands together.

"This is illegal!", he hisses.

"So is stealing a stop sign. I told you, not one ever comes here", I explain to him. "It's abandoned. Never used. You're fine", I promise him. He looks at me for a long time before nodding.

He walks over, shining his phone flashlight on one of the only clean spots on the barn walls. I rest my back against the wall, watching him. He rushes some sort of smiley face on the wall before turning and looking at me. I nod in approval, walking over. "Not bad. Different from everything else on the wall", I tell him.

"What else is on the wall? I can barely see it in the dark", he gets his phone out to shine the light. I stop him, taking his phone in my hands.

"The only reason I brought you here is because it is night. I'd never let you see the art on the wall, it's personal. Only for me", I tell him, not being kind about it.

He slumps slightly, nodding a little. It's silent for a few moments. "I liked this. But I don't really feel a rush", he sighs.

I smirk. "What?", he asks. He frowns when I don't say anything. "Malachi seriously wipe the small off your face. What is it?".

"One..." I say.

His expression changes and he watches me. "Malachi? What the hell are you doing? You're freaking me out!".

"Two...", I continue.

"I'm seriously about to find my own way home if you don't drop this weird act. What is happening? Why are you counting?", he asks, obviously distressed. I almost lose my composure and laugh.

"Three", I whisper. He opens his mouth to say something, but a loud booming voice in the distance completely stops him.


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