Chapter 3

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   (A/N: from this moment, unless it's specified, it will all be from Malachi's point of view)
   Walking into the set, my mind was going crazy. I was positive that everyone would share and I would get so much sh*t about Elijah. I didn't even know the kid, but I was positive that everyone would talk like I was going to change him. With my luck, he'll probably end up going wild just for the hell of it and everyone will say it's because I was a bad influence.

    "Mr Mendes!", a man calls out as he walks towards me. I notice people looking to me, then down to the floor. They were probably expecting Shawn Mendes. I don't blame them, I'd rather have Shawn too.

    "We've been anticipating you. Our star just got here a few minutes ago and his manager would like to talk to you first", he continues. I raise an eyebrow and he sees my expression and chuckles. "Yeeeaaah, not gonna lie. She's a bitch. But it'll be even worse if you keep her waiting. Go on now".

   He dismisses me and points me in the direction towards the dressing rooms. I walk by one and suddenly the door swings wide open. I turn around and spot a woman with long black, choppy hair and I grimace at how greasy it looks. She must condition way too often or never wash her hair. Not to mention her outfit was horrendous. "Hollywood's trouble maker. Just the man I wanted to see", she says, her voice deep, without a doubt from smoking way too much way too often.

   "I don't think I know your name. I don't usually keep up with the bitchy assistants of America's golden boys. Especially if they look like you", I fire back, crossing my arms. Her smirk quickly changes to a snarl, causing me to smirk.

   "Don't test me boy", she brings herself closer to me and I can smell the alcohol on her breath. "If you bring Elijah down in ant way, I'll ruin your career", she says and turns, stomping into the room and slamming the door.

   I roll my eyes and walk back to the main area. "Hey! Malachi! You're wanted on set 4!" Someone yells. I don't wait to see who said it and just make my way to set 4. I find it quickly and tug my leather jacket closer around my loose blue t-shirt.

  Once I get inside, my eyes are drawn to a beautiful pair of blue-green eyes. Standing just on the other side of the room... was Elijah summers. 

     I walk up to the producer to inform him that I'm here and he waves me off and I see who he's talking to. It's that f*cking manager.

   I realize now that I have to do what I was born to do.

   I was going to make a bad boy out of Elijah Summers.

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