Chapter 13

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I'd never driven faster than I had on my way to Elijah's house. The thought of him panicking because of something he'd done upset me, even if I don't know why. But all I knew was that he needed me, so I was going to be there.

I pull into his driveway and put it in park, looking down at my phone to text him. I jump when I hear my passenger door open. I look over and see a distressed and rattled Elijah climbing into my seat.

"Well hello you criminal", I say, chuckling. He glares at me, putting the hood of his white hoodie on his head. "Oh come on! It's not every day that the golden boys of Hollywood get caught stealing".

"I wasn't stealing anything!", he protests, crossing his arms. "I just.. I was borrowing it. That's all. I wasn't going to keep it. I didn't even see a camera flash or anyone even around", he throws his hands up before burying his face in his hands.

I run a hand through my hair as I listen to him. He looked so ashamed of himself. "Why did you do it?", I ask him softly, not wanting to set off a new set of emotions. He shakes his head, his face still covered. "Come on, tell me", I nudge him.

He finally looks up at me, his eyes red. I ignore the need to reach over and touch him. To let him know things were okay. He didn't want me that way, and that was fine. I could be his friend. I will be his friend.

"I", he begins, clearing his throat. "I just wanted to feel something. To feel the rush of adrenaline. I know that's so cliche and stupid, I know. But I needed to feel something", he continues, wrapping his hand around the string of the hoodie.

I let out a breath, putting my head back against the seat. I reach for my cigarettes and his hand stops me. "I really hate the smell of cigarettes", he explains, his hand leaving mine. I bust out laughing and he frowns.

"Baby you're the one who needs the cigarette the most. You're beating yourself up over nothing. It was one time. Do a charity event and they'll forget all about it", I tell him, getting a cigarette anyway.

He sighs, nodding. "That's true. I can just explain everything on Twitter. Make something up. Apologize. Then it'll be forgotten", he says, nodding again as he tries to convince himself.

"Or..." I say, lighting the cigarette. The or catches his attention and he looks over at me. The act answers a question I've had since he told me he wanted a rush. He wanted the rush again, but didn't know how. "I could teach you how to get the rush. A better rush. One where you won't get caught".

He scoffs, looking away. "Right. I need lessons on how to not get caught from you, the master of getting caught", he says, rolling his eyes. "I'll pass".

I ash my cigarette before tilting my head. "I'm caught because I wanna be. I don't want a selfless reputation. The ones who know who I really am are the only ones who deserve to", I tell him, taking another draw.

He considers it for a moment, still playing with the strings. "So you do all of that so people don't know the real you? But what about the charity things you do? The kids in the hospital?", he sticks the string in his mouth and starts chewing on. For a moment, I'm completely lost in the way his mouth moves.

I finally snap out of it, putting out my cigarette and tossing it out in the yard. "Those kids deserve to know me, to feel kindness from me. That's why I do that. But I'm not only trying to hide myself. It's a rush, exactly like you said. A chance to feel like a normal teenager", I tell him.

He looks down at his phone for several seconds and I focus on his expression and the way his fingers don't move across the screen. "Okay", he says, almost 2 minutes later. "I want you to teach me"

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