Chapter 5

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     "He was totally flirting with you!", mom announces as she opens the door to the Gucci store. It was the next day and mom insisted that we go shopping. I'm not complaining though, even though I hate shopping. "Oh this is wonderful!".

    We walk inside and she goes over to the sunglasses. I slide on over to the Gucci slides and pick a pair up and chuckle. "Mom, even if he was flirting with me, he could never like me. We're fire and water and his manager would hang me".

    I walk over to sunglasses and pick up a pair by their lenses. I look over and see a lady who probably works there glaring at me. I flash her a smile and mom gives me a look. I sigh and put them down.

    "Don't you worry about his trashed out manager. I can take care of her if she starts on you. I'm actually having a luncheon with Alison at noon", mom says, causing me to stop in my tracks. I pull my phone out of my pocket and look at the time.

    "Dude, it's 11:54. I didn't drive separately", I say, starting to feel like she was just going to abandon me. She sees my slight pout and giggles.

   "Don't give me that. You're going with me, dummy. It'll be fun! I don't think Elijah is going to be there so you have no worries, my cutie patoot", she replies before waving the worker from earlier over. She points to a large pair with animal prints and I cringe. "And those", she points to a pair of nice ones.

    She pays for them and while we're walking out, I ask why she bought the ugly pair. "Well, you touched the frames", she replies, sighing softly. I stop and look at her.

   "They're f*cking sunglasses! You just bought them because I touched them? They could have cleaned them!", I announce to her. My voice wasn't loud, but it had an annoyed tone to it.

    I glance over at whatever my mom is looking at and see the paparazzi. "Oh f*ck me!", I yell at them. "I wasn't screaming at my mother assholes! Get out of here!". I grab mom's hand and gently lead her to the car, practically fuming now.

   I get in the drivers side and wait until she's in, then speed off, leaving the paps behind us. I take a different path to the restaurant and pull in. Mom and I don't speak the whole trip.

   We walk inside and instantly I see the beautiful Alison Summers, which was expected. But what I didn't expect to see was her son, Elijah Summer, my possible Co star, and the one I'd bang on that table with his mom watching, was sitting right beside him.

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