Chapter 12

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"Mm I can't get enough of you, Malachi" Cole purrs and runs his hand down my sculpted chest. I don't even look over as I pick up his skinny hand and remove it from my skin. I hated human contact after sex. I felt like I was being rewarded for a job well done. I'm a human. Not a golden retriever. "Right, no touching the master", he says, rolling his eyes.

I give him a look before unlocking my phone. "One of these days I'm going to get tired of you just wanting me for sex. Then you're gonna miss me and beg for me back", he mumbles, pouting. He doesn't move away from me though, which shows how much self worth he has. 

  "I'm sure that'll definitely happen, Cole", I tell him, causing him to once again roll his eyes. "Roll your eyes at me one more time and maybe you'll see just how life is without me", I threaten, looking at him. He instantly backs off, deciding to just lay his head on my chest.

  I take the silence as an opportunity to check my notifications. "You're trending on Twitter", Cole points out curiously as he looks at my phone. I click the notification, furrowing my eyebrows. He leans in, looking closer as the phone. "This is a story about that Elijah kid. Why are you trending?", he looks up at me.

   I move the phone closer, as I was holding it out so Cole could read. I instantly laugh out loud. "This has to be a fucking joke. The fucker got caught stealing a damn stop sign. They're saying I influenced him", I chuckle.

  "Impossible", Cole hums, wrapping himself around me. "This came out half an hour ago. You were deep inside of me when that happened, calling me bad names and degrading my poor tight-", I cut him off by abruptly moving out from under him. "Wait where are you going? We were bonding!".

I give him a look and he pouts. "Stop pouting, Cole. You're gonna give yourself worry lines. I have to go check on Elijah. First slight scandal, I'm sure he isn't taking it well", I tell him. I sit on the edge of the bed, tying my shoes. Cole crawls over, laying beside me and moving his hand to my crotch.

   "Don't you wanna stay for just a little while longer?", he coos, rubbing me slightly. I look at him, his eyes reading need and lust for me. I lean in, my lips only inches away from his when my phone vibrates in my hand. He groans, dramatically falling onto his back.

  I look down at it. As soon as I see Elijahs name, I stand up. Grabbing my jacket, I read the text.

Elijah: I know that somehow you were brought into this. I'm sorry. But I really really need your help right now. I don't know what to do.

"Fuck", I mumble, rubbing my jaw. "I have to go", I tell him, going to the door.

  "Wait!", Cole whines. "I almost got you to fuck me again. That never happens. Don't you think that's something we need to talk about? I really think you're growing feelings towards me!", he says, pleading.

  I can't help the slight guilt I feel. But it doesn't stop me from putting him back in his place. "The only thing I feel for you is pleasure when you wet my dick, Cole", I tell him, turning and hurrying out of his room, leaving him looking like I just kicked him.

(A/N: HEY GUYS!! I got a lot of requests to continue this story, and finally decided to just do it. I'm really excited to get back into this! Thank you for sticking around!

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