Chapter 8

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   The night continues just as it starts. Elijah stays on his phone and I watch the screen silently, occasionally chomping on the candy that I bought. I eventually lay back and just let him do whatever he wants.

   This continues even when we get back in the vehicle and I begin taking him home. "Oh.." he says and looks over at me. I raise an eyebrow. "Thank you...for buying the tickets". He says this just as we're pulling up to his gate.

   Finally, I lose it.

   "Are you actually kidding me?", I spit and turn the car off and turn towards him as best the seat will let me. I have his full attention how and his eyebrows are raised in confusion. "I go out of my way to plan this whole thing and that's the only thing you've said to me the entire time!".

  He looks offended as he undoes his seat belt. "Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. But the time wasn't very enjoyable at all. I found more entertainment in looking at my phone. Maybe if you tried to make conversation", he says, his voice not raising which honestly makes it even more infuriating.

    Even when he's being a b*tch, he's still freaking gorgeous and it makes me even more pissed. "Just get out of my car", I say to him before I lean over and just crash my lips to his. He doesn't object and gets out of the car, slamming the door. I watch him and his fine ass walk away and bite my lip.

   I run a hand through my hair and let out a yell as I pull out and start driving to an unknown situation. I grab my phone and instantly dial my mom's number. It doesn't take her long to answer, as usual.

   "What's up?", she says, I can tell she's been crying and my chest falls a little. "Have you ever watched the movie Me Before You? It's got me messed up, baby". I let out a chuckle as I understand why she's so sad.

   "Sam Claflin is a god, that's all I'm gonna say. My date went terrible so I'm going to my backup plan. I'll be home.... later" I say to her and leave out the details.  

   My backup plan consisted of going to some random player and possibly hooking up with someone. I look at my phone and scroll through all of my texts, looking for any sort of information for a party. I find one by some random youtuber and speed over to it.

   It isn't until I'm outside of the house that I take in what I'm about to do. "I'm too old for this shit" I whisper to myself and pull out of the drive way and speed off to my own house. Once I arrive, I see the living room light on and make my way inside.

  My mom is still watching television once I get inside. I sit beside her and lay my head on her lap. "Boys are stupid" I mumble, sadness in my voice.

(Kinda a shitty chapter but that's all I've got for this part lol. THANKS FOR READING AND BEING PATIENT. 11 VOTES FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER?)

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