Chapter 6

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Mom greets Alison when we get to the table and I sit down beside her. "It's nice to see you two", Alison says with a wide smile. She's always been kind to interviewers, but I had a theory that she was a raging b*tch.

   Angie was her best friend. You do the math. No one is friends with b*tches unless they too are a b*tch.

    "We're good. We went shopping and then Malachi got into a yelling match with the paparazzi. Well, that isn't technically true. Kai yelled, they just stood there. One guy even continued taking pictures of me", mom says, her voice filled with slight laughter.

     "Oh gosh", Alison laughs softly. "I don't know what I'd do if Elijah just started yelling. Sometimes I wish he would. He takes way too much shit".  My eyes widen when she curses. Ms. Summers isn't an innocent angel. I'm impressed. Innocent is boring. Unless it's Elijah. That's hot.

    Elijah and I exchange a glance and he offers me a small smile. The waiter comes and I order a lemon water with a salad. "Gotta keep up my physique if I'm gonna be a big time solider", I say to the table one the waiter leaves. Alison and mom laugh.

    "You look like you have a good start", Alison says and I watch Elijah's eyes open and I laugh. "Oh please, Eliah, you agree". She nudges him and his face turns a bright red.

    "Oh come on, we all know he's the angel Gabriel and I'm that one angel that got cast out of heaven", I chuckle. Alison laughs and mom shakes her head. "I'm aware that that was the devil. Ask anyone, Satan in the form of a lowlife actor".

     Our food comes and we start eating. Alison and mom chat about different stuff and Elijah keeps glancing down at his phone. "So, Are you excited for the movie?, I ask him. He shrugs and I raise an eyebrow ask the change of actions.

     I lean forward considering he was in front of me. "Don't be embarrassed about what your mom said. Mom's embarrass us all the time. He looks up at me and gives me a small smile. "Let me make it up to you".

   He raises an eyebrow and tilts his head, giving me his full attention. "Are you busy tonight?", I ask and he shakes his head. "Me. You. A date tonight. Or maybe just a friendship date?".

  I knew Elijah was gay considering he came out at a really young age. Now he does a bunch of events based around sexuality. It's admirable, but I'd never admit that to anyone.

   Me? No one even pays attention to the actual me to decide what my sexuality is.

   Elijah smiles and puts his fork down on his plate. "It's a date".
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