Chapter 4

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"I joined the army for some sort of peace, I know it may sound funny or strange, but it's the only thing that could help ease my mind. I was somehow serving others, something my father never did", Elijah says, reading the script for Bret. I watch him intently as he speaks and my heart seems to quicken every time he shows emotion through hsis character. Other then the script reading we've been doing for the past hour, we haven't spoken one actual word to one another.

     I'm not in love, obviously. But I can't stop imagining his sweet soft voice saying my name while I.... My thoughts are stopped when Elijah stops saying his line. I don't miss a beat and start saying mine, as if I wasn't just thinking dirty thoughts about Elijah in my bed.

    I glance down at the script quickly. "It isn't strange", I say, really trying to get a feel of Jake so I can dominate this role. "I know what you're saying and in many ways, I feel the same. My mom and dad always thought of me as a disappointment. When I failed 3rd grade they were ashamed, when I brought my first girlfriend home, they labeled her "fat" and were ashamed of me. But this? Naw. This is me.  I stopped giving a shit about their opinion when I turned 17. That's when I joined. I'm doing this for me. I'm on the firing line for my country and the people in it because that's why I do, and that's what needs to be done".

    "CUT!", The director yells and Elijah and I both turn our heads to look at him. I glance around at the people and I swear I see a few behind the scenes workers wiping their eyes. I think the makeup artist might even have a tear or two. But then I spot Angie and believe me when I tell you, she looks PISSED. It almost makes me want to laugh. "You two...that was AMAZING!". I get a smile on my face but I quickly change in to a smirk to keep up the bad boy style. Lord forbid someone see a genuine smile. "You will definitely be getting a call from us, Mr. Mendes".

    He walks away after clapping a hand on my shoulder. "I really hope when award shows happen, they specify your name and not just Mr. Mendes. Imagine it", Elijah says, giggling softly. I turn to face him, slightly confused as to what he was rambling about. "AND THE WINNER FOR BEST UPCOMING ACTOR...MR MENDES...and Shawn Mendes stands up so confused". Elijah continues laughing his ass off.

      "Actually, I've been acting for years so I wouldn't be upcoming. I can't be upcoming if I'm already here", I reply, crossing my arms over my chest. He looks at me, his laugh slowly dying down and he clears his throat and stands up straight. He was fairly shorter than me and I found it adorable, but I couldn't admit that to me. I wanted to sleep with him, he was hot. I didn't find him cute and my heart didn't thump when he looked at me. Nope, definitely not.

     "Right, my bad", he replies, smiling softly. "You were amazing, really. I believe that you're totally going to get the part of Jake". This kid was too nice. If he wasn't so cute he'd probably be annoying. "Is it true that you vandelized the inside of a little girls hospital room?". I look at him again, my eyebrows furrowing.

    Yes. That was true.

   But I didn't even know that that was going around. I had techincally vandelized it, but it wasn't like...graffiti on the wall for fun. I painted a mural on the hospital wall of the ocean. The 8 year old luekimia victim had never seen the ocean and probably wouldn't ever see it. So I had to do something extra special when she chose to meet me for her wish. So I painted her walls. When she came inside and saw it, she broke into nears and hugged me so tightly. Or, I'm sure she meant it to be tight. But she wasn't the strongest person in the world.

      It doesn't surprise me that the gossip sites and magazines turned it into something that isn't true. It doesn't matter to me either. Ellie was kind hearted and she got to wake up every morning for the last 2 weeks of her life and see the ocean. I'd do it a million times over if I had to. Let them say what they want, I don't care.

      "ELIJAH! Let's go!", Elijah's nast ass manager says from the other side of the room. I roll my eyes and he smiles shyly at me and extends his hand.

    "Until we meet again in the fall, Kai Mendes", he says, the smile still on his face. When I take his hand, he pulls me closer to him and whispers in my ear, "I'm excited to work with you". Then he drops my hand and walks away.

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