Chapter 11

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     I sit across from my sister Hallie at the dinner table and she eyes me as I eye her back. "You're keeping a secret from me", she says, raising an eyebrow. I shrug my shoulders and shake my head.

  "I have no secrets", I reply, crossing my arms.

  "Liar", she snaps

  "Hoe", I snap back, even though she's the opposite of a hoe. She only had a handful of boyfriend and lost her V card to her now husband on their honeymoon.





   "Children!", my mom yells from the end of the table and cuts into her lasagna. "Malachi likes his Co-star but they went on a date and it really didn't go well because said Co star didn't seem interested but now he does".

   "Mom!", I groan and put my head on the table. "He only seems interested and is probably just trying to get under my skin. It's working" I sigh.

   My sister nods slowly and twists the wedding ring on her left finger.  "Don't tell me it's Elijah" she bites her bottom lip which grown my groan when she says his name. "Little brother what're you thinking?! You don't fall for people, you push them down and make them fall for you".

  I sigh loudly and nod and run a hand through my hair. "Yes, Hallie I realize that it's stupid and that I don't fall but it happened and that's that. This is exactly why I didn't want to tell you. Go be with your hot Marine husband". With that, I get up and go up to my large room and collapse onto my California King bed and put in my ear buds.

   I blare some new NF tunes and close my eyes as I let my thoughts cloud my mind and let them fade away with the music. This was complicated and I didn't do complicated.

   I sit up and unplug the buds and send a quick text to my local hook up. "Trying to hook up maybe?", I send and immediately get a response back.

  "Duh", his text reads.
   I smirk and get up and open my closet. I grab a hoodie and find some sweat pants. I then plop a beanie onto my black hair and make my way downstairs.

   "Going to see Cole?", mom asks, already waiting for me at the bottom of the steps. I slowly shake my head, lying to her. "I know you are, Kai. I want you to know that it's okay to feel things. This isn't you and it's only going to hurt you and Cole. It'll also hurt Elijah if he finds out".

  I shake my head and tug up my hood before opening the front door. "Hallie is right. He wouldn't give me the time of day". With that, I walk out through the door and make my way to my motorcycle and get on, then speed away.

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