Chapter 16

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Elijah's hand instantly finds my chest as he breathes out surprise. I keep my hand on his cheek as he balls my shirt up in his hand, my lips moving slowly against his.

  He looks up at me once I pull away, his lips still puckered. I chuckle softly, leaning in and pecking his lips. "Oh", he whispers, his eyes filled with a dazed expression. "One more?", he asks, his voice barely coming above a whisper.

  I don't hesitate. I wrap my arms around his waist, pulling him to me as I kiss him. He gasps softly, giving me easy access to slide my tongue past his lips. He whimpers, moving his hand to tangle his fingers in my hair. "Malachi", he whispers, pressing closer to me. Like he needed me.

  I felt my bulge grow in my pants and I move my arms, taking a step back from Elijah. "Did I do something? What's wrong?", he asks, panicked. I smile, taking his hand in mine and gently kissing it, watching as he shivers from my touch.

  "I didn't want to lose myself in you", I tell him. "I.." I let out a breath. I wanted a million things with Elijah. I could admit that to myself.

  But there were millions of things he didn't know. He didn't know even really know me. He knew the stories I told him, he knows the stories from the tabloids. But he didn't know me, and I didn't know him.

  "Way too fast", I repeat, putting a hand over my face. It felt too easy. Like the opportunity was there and if I hadn't taken it, I may never have it again. But now that I'd done it, and I'd kissed him, I had no idea what to do next.

  I wanted to fuck him until he was begging me to stop. I wanted him to scream my name. I wanted him pushed down on my bed in front of me.

  That was normal. It's what I usually wanted. A good ass. Something to fuck and drop.

But I also wanted more. So much more that I didn't deserve. I wanted to hold him in my arms. I wanted to look at him forever. I needed it.

  Elijah lit something inside of me that I never believed could be lit. Something inside me that wanted more.

  It terrified me. It elated me. I wanted to push Elijah away but I also never wanted him out of arms reach.

  "I'm sorry", Elijah whispers, bringing me out of my own thoughts. "I just wasn't expecting you to kiss me. And I definitely never expected it to be.. that good", he lets out a breath. He looks down for a second and I tilt his chin up, not wanting him to look anywhere but at me. "I didn't expect you to be gentle".

  I laugh. It comes out loud and hard. "No?", I ask him. He shakes his head, playing with the strings on his hoodie. "I'm not usually, actually. But..", I stop. There was no way I could tell him how I felt. How a single kiss had me wanting to drop all the tough boy bullshit. I couldn't do that.

  Not now.

And maybe not ever.

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