Chapter 2- Elijah

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I tapped my Timberland boot against the floor as I sat on the couch, scrolling through my social media accounts. My manager was yelling at someone on the phone and I let her do her thing. That's the thing, even though it's my career, no one involves me in anything.

"No, this absolutely can not happen!", Angie, my manager, yells to someone on the other line and stands up, walking into our large kitchen in our way too big house. I was only 17, so I still lived with my mom. My dad had been gone since I was really small.

My mom comes down the stairs, her red ballgown dragging the floor as she tries to put her earring in her ear. "What is her deal?", she asks, referring to Angie and she stops behind the couch and messes up my hair.

My mom was my best friend and we had the strongest relationship. If we didn't have each other, I'm not sure what would have happened to us in the past. That's why we cling to each other so much. Ask anyone, we're the mother and son sweet heart duo, and it isn't just a facade.

I shrug at mom's question and she smooths down her dress and goes over to the mirror over the fireplace. My mom was tall and elegant. Beautiful too. "I'm not excited about this television premiere. I only chose this TV show because it made me feel like I had stable hours. But it turns out that a 42 year old playing in a horror show for teenagers isn't very fun. Imagine that", she says, the humor in her voice evident. "I don't mean to seem high maintenence but every movie I've been on has sent me a glam squad before any type of premiere".

Mom continues her rant and Angie continues screaming at someone in the phone. "He will damage him! He could ruin his career!", I hear her yell. Mom and I exchange a glance.

Suddenly, mom gasps. "I heard Tyler Hoechlin is maybe going to be Jake in Solid Ground! Oh that'd be so cool!", she says, then closes her eyes as if she's fantasizing about him. I cringe and she sees me as she opens her eyes and laughs.

We talk for a few minutes before she looks at the watch on her wrist and sighs. "I must depart", she says and comes over, kissing my head and ruffling my hair. She walks towards the door as a horn sounds. She has her hand on the door knob and is about to turn it when Angie bursts in the room.

"Not so fast", she says, pointing to my mom for no particular reason. I keep myself from cringing at her horrible orange jump suit and my mom catches me and makes a gagging motion when Angie looks down at her phone.

"Ang, I really have to go. Can this wait?", mom asks after the horn outside sounds again. Angie was mom's life long friend, which is one of the only reasons she's my manager. If it wasn't for that, I'd definitely fire her and get someone more qualified. And much much nicer. But since she keeps mom sane and happy, I deal with her. She does her job, anyway. What else can I ask for?".

Angie shakes her head. "That can wait. We have an issue with Elijah", she says and crosses her arms, ignoring the beeping of her phone. "Well, we will". Mom raises her eyebrow for the millionth time and makes a "get on with it" motion with her hand. "The person reading for Jake is not Tyler whatever....". She pauses and looks over at me.

"It's Malachi Mendes"

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