Chapter 10

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   I look down at my military uniform and frown down at it. (A/N as I typed that I drove by a group of military lads walking and I was shoooook) I didn't feel worthy enough to wear this. I hadn't put my life on the line like they do.

  I look over at Elijah as he runs a hand through his hair and looks at himself in the camera of his phone. He had the same uniform on as I did and by the expression on his face, he felt the same way I did about the situation. He looks over at me and meets by eyes before I can turn my head. "Thank you for highlighting my script", I say before I can stop it from flying out of my mouth.

   I see the corner of his lips turn up into a smile and he shrugs. "I had some free time. Now I'm trying to shed this golden boy light for this photo shoot. I'm suppose to pose as this soldier, not myself", he says and runs a hand through his hair again. His stylist is going to kill him if he doesn't stop.

    "That's the thing, isn't it? We're not soldiers and we're posing as one", I say and he slowly nods. "This is going to be tough, I think. We don't know the struggles that these men and women go through. We never will". I have to look away from him. I had such an admiration and respect for the military. I couldn't make a mockery out of them in this movie. I wouldn't.

   "Boys!", someone comes into the room and waves us on. "Oh you boys look ready for war. It's time for your photo shoot". I exchange a look with Elijah and cock an eyebrow. We look ready for war, but are going to a photo shoot. Nice.

   We walk out to a room with tons of props and a ton of backgrounds. I tap my army boot against the floor and hum softly. "Okay boys get over there. Malachi did you mess Elijah's hair up?", Elijah's manager says and I raise an eyebrow.

   "You think I grabbed onto his hair and gripped it while I.... ", I'm cut off short by Elijah coughing loudly and blushing a bright red. I'm sure you can finish the sentence on your own.

   The stylist comes over quickly and fixes Elijah's hair and we're quickly put into gear and told where to stand. We stand by each other and take normal pictures.

 Then serious ones.

  And then we do my favorite one. We're told to interact with each other with a child like joy. As if showing how strong and actually child like the character's friendship is.

   Elijah is handed a ball and he looks at it, then throws it at me. This surprises me so much that I laugh and I hear the picture snaps. I grab the ball and throw it back at him and he dodges it. "Boys", the pbtobrapher says and we look over at her, the smile still glued to our faces. She snaps a picture and looks at it. "I think this is my favorite photo shoot I've ever done. Well done", she turns and walks away from us.

  Elijah then turns to me. "Well done, Jake. I wonder if army friends hug. Or do they fist bump? Bump chests maybe?", he asks, chuckling softly.

   "Ah rumor has it that all Marines are gay" I shrug and he laughs loudly and hits my arm hard. "Kidding! My sister is married to a Marine. I was tease her. I'd never tease him though. Kinda don't wanna die", I shrug, causing him to laugh.

   "I think we make a good pair" he smiles and suddenly his manager calls for him. "See you behind the camera" he wraps his arms around my neck quickly before walking away.

(A/N:my friend is actually dating a marine and I thought it'd be nice to put that little tease in the story about them being gay. It was obviously a joke and I don't believe that. Don't fight me, marines. I'm fragile. Anyway,

HOPE YOU ENJOYED. 11 for the next chapter. Stay hopeful and happy, my lovelies)

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