Chapter 15

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      Elijah didn't stop glancing over his shoulder until we were safely out of the woods, and even then he kept checking the mirror. "What the fuck?", He demands, turning to face me. I cock an eyebrow, grabbing my lighter from the cup holder. "You told me you were going to show me something fun. Something exciting. We could have been killed!", He continues, making me roll my eyes.

I open my back of Menthol 100's and pop one in my mouth. I glance over at Elijah who watches me in disgust as I light the cigarette and roll my window down. "Are you quite finished?", I ask, looking over at him. His face turns red and I can't help but smirk when his hand closes into a fist.

He grabs the cigarette out of my hand, rolls his own window down and throws it out the window. "Am I fucking done?", He asks, turning to face me as he rolls his window back up. "No, for your fucking information, I'm not fucking done! We could have been arrested, or killed! Our whole reputations!". I scoff, shaking my head. "Oh, right, I forgot you have a reputation of being a reckless stupid asshole!".

This catches my attention and I snap my head in his direction. He startles at first when I pull into a random parking lot. "Get out", I tell him, putting the car in park and turning the car off.

"N-no", He says, looking over at me.

I shrug, getting out and slamming my door closed with the hell of my shoe. I walk over to Elijah's door and he quickly locks it. "We're definitely not playing that shit right now", I chuckle. I unlock it with my key fob and open his door.

My mouth opens but quickly snaps shut when he looks up at me with fear. He doesn't speak, just looks up at me with wide eyes and his mouth agape. "I'm not going to lay a single hand on you. At least not without asking", I tell him gently.

He nods a little and I take a step back in surprise when he actually exits the car. It isn't like he had a choice, really. "What?", He asks quietly, still looking up at me. I look him over for a moment. The way his eyes almost plead. The way his bottom lip stuck out a little. I'd do anything to have that bottom lip between my teeth.

"Can I see your hand?", I ask. He obliges and I take his hand, putting it over his own heart. He looks down, frowning slightly. "Do you feel that?", I look down at him.

He shakes his head before pausing. "My hearts racing? Is that what you mean?", He asks, tilting his head in confusion.

"Your heart is beating so fast because of what we did. The barn. The man. Everything", I tell him, dropping his hand. He keeps his hand over his heart, thinking.

"That was your plan? I asked you to show me how to be a bad boy so you terrify me?", He asks.

I chuckle, shrugging. "It worked, didn't it? You wanted a rush, I gave you one. You can't tell me you didn't feel alive. Terrified, but alive", I explain quietly.

He scoffs. "Couldn't we have started with like, I don't know", he throws his hands up. "Alcohol? Weed? We had to start with almost dying?", He asks, frustrated.

"We have all the time in the world to do that, tonight was about adrenaline", I tell him and he drops his hand from his heart, taking a breath.

"So that's what you wanted me to see? That's why you brought me here?", He asks. I shake my head. "Then what else?",

I come closer to him. He finds some courage and sticks his chest out. No more pouting. I liked it. It made me feel accomplished that he wasn't afraid of me. He had balls, even if he was just finding that out.

"I brought you here", I pause, putting my hand on his cheek. "For this", I whisper, pressing my lips against his.

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