The Browns: Thanksgiving

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I walk into the kitchen as Y/N sets up the table. I stand in the doorway watching her do her thang.

"Chris are you gonna help me or just look at my ass" she asks stirring the greens.

I chuckle. She was so cute when she ran around doing things in a panic.

I push myself off the doorway walking over to her.

"Why can't I do both?" I say as I wrap my arms around her waist, giving her small, sweet kisses on her neck.

"Because there's no time" she pulls away and takes out the marshmallow salad. And starts to warm the candy yams up.

"I think you're over thinking this, Yn" I say.

"Chris, this is our first time hosting a thanksgiving event with both families over. And I'm over thinking?"

She fixes up the pillows in the living.

The doorbell rings and I go to the door.

"who is that?" Yn asks from the kitchen.

I look out the peep hole.

"Your sister, Cindy, and her kids" I answer, opening the door.

"Hey Chris" She says, hugging me. I hug her back.

"Wassup? How you been?" She answers good and I nod my head.

"Where's Trey?" I ask. Me and Yn introduced her and Trey and they immediately hit it off like we predicted. Then they ended up getting married.

"He's out there grabbing the Mac and cheese" she answers as she takes off her jacket.

"I'm glad you brought yo bomb ass Mac and cheese cause...." I look at Yn where she rushing around doing things "Yn was about to cook some and I had to beg her not to." I whisper.

"Luckily" Cindy laughs.

"I know y'all in there talking about my Mac and cheese!" Yn yells out of the kitchen.

"Well now I'm not getting none tonight" we laugh.

"Hi uncle Chris" her kids, Aaliyah and TJ(trey junior) says.

"Wassup" I hug them both.

"Liyah, Jordan And Jasmine upstairs in their room. TJ, Jerome somewhere probably playing fortnite" I tell them. Aaliyah is 14 just like the girls but TJ is one year younger than Jerome.

Trey comes in and I clap him up and tell him where to put the food.

Cindy goes into the kitchen to help Yn.

"Y'all need help with anything?"

"Nah were just rushing around cause we got everything covered" Yn states sarcastically.

"Ight what you want me to cook?" I ask

Cindy and Yn both looks at me and randomly laughs.

"You can clean the guest bathroom" I sigh and roll my eyes.
After everyone arrived we all talk and shit and introduce everyone who didn't know each other before. And then it was time for blessings.

"Everyone my mom said get in the kitchen so we could bless the food!" Jordan says as she looks around at everyone in the living room.

We bless the food and everyone starts to eat.

Jasmine was on her phone with headphones in not bothering anyone. But Yn's ignorant, grown ass cousin wanted to start messing with her.

"Jasmine why you always so distant from people? Like you always on your phone" she says.

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