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Royalty is you and Chris' daughter. Chris and Roro head out on a walk. Then stopped by a couple of fans.

 Then stopped by a couple of fans

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I pick Royalty up and hold her on my hip.

We walk down the street while I'm talking to her even though she wasn't listening. She was just playing with her dolls. Y/N stayed in the house.

There was about two or three girls that shrieked when they seen us.

They walked over to us.

"Hi! We're big fans" they smile.

"Wassup" I smile at them.

"Hey Roro!" They look to her.

I turn to her as well.

"Wassup. Say hi" I tell her as she looks away completely ignoring us. (GIF)

We all laugh.

"Where's Y/N?" One of the girls ask.

"Um... she's sick" I smile.

"Aweee. Well we hope she feels better" they say.

"Yeah.. her sneezes are cute though" I chuckle.

"Daddy?" We all look at Roro.

"Yes princess?" I ask her.

"Is mommy okay?" She asks.

"Of course. Why would ask that" I ask.

"Because I heard her screaming your name and something hitting the wall a lot" she looks back down to her dolls.

I was completely shocked and embarrassed.

I scratched the back of my neck and look down, face turning red and all.

"So... sick.... or sore?" One of the girls ask.

I nod my head. "Sore" I say quickly, while the other girls giggle.
When we get home, my mom had picked Royalty up and I told Y/N what happened.

She starts to burst out laughing.

"Babe that ain't funny" I sit on the bed, pulling my shirt from over my head and sling it across the room.

"It's okay baby" she rubs my arms and kisses my back, repeatedly. Her hand runs down my arm and lands on my thigh, now rubbing that.

"You know you gon make cj excited right?" I turn around to her.

"Yeah cause I wanna be so sick that I can't go to work tomorrow" she winks, pulling the cover over her head.

"Oh imma make you so sick that you can't even walk" I say, excitedly getting under the covers.

This time not having to worry about Royalty hearing us.

Hey guys. I know it's been a while since I updated.😕 school has really put on a bunch of pressure on me and I barely have time to update now. But how did you like? Vote? Comment? Love y'all ❤️

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