Make me choose

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I was Chilling with my homeboys when Mijo announced that some girls was coming.

All the boys got excited. Except me. I just broke up with my girl a couple weeks ago.

"What's the big deal?" I asked all of them.

They gave me a look.

"Nigga this is a regular group of girls. You know, the rest of them basic and then you got that one baddie." Sinko explains.

"Who's the baddie in this case?" I ask

"Y/N" Red says.

Just then we hear a knock at the door. Mijo gets up and gets it. About 5 girls walk in. I look for the baddie. But all of them was looking basic as hell. Until I see one girl.

"Aye who that?" I whisper to Red.

"That's Kae... you don't want her" he say.


"Trust me my nigga"

"That's all? Where Y/N at?" Mijo asks still standing with the door open.

"She's in the car. She'll come in a minute. She's on the phone" Kae says sitting on the other side of Red.

I sit up getting a good look at Kae. She looks over at me and I look away, scratching my head.

Red starts busting out laughing.

I sit back and laugh with him as I start to roll a blunt.

"No" Sinko say taking it away from me.


"Y/N don't smoke" Red say.

"Damn y'all know everything about this girl. And just because she don't don't mean I can't" I say taking it back.

I finish rolling it and put it up.

The door opens and I see this fine ass girl. She ain't even look slutty either. She had on a black sweater, blue jeans, and some black and white uptempos. She hugs Mijo and the other boys.

"Y/N this is Chris" I look up from my phone.

She smiles and hugs me.

"Hi. Nice to meet you" She says.

I hugged her back. She smelled like flowers in the summer. I let her go. I was completely dazed.

I sit back down. Daydreaming about her prettiness.

"She got you dazed didn't she?" Sinko asks in my ear. I nod still looking at her while she talked with Mijo.

"This nigga completely dazed" Red says out loud and laughs with everybody.

Y/N looks at me and chuckles.

I blush, holding my head down.

"Red you ain't introduce me to your friend" Kae says out of nowhere.

"We been here for 15 minuets and you just now asking?" Red laughs

I chuckle behind him.

She rolls her eyes.

"I'm Kae" She says I shake her hand but I think she was expecting a hug. She sits back down.

"So what we finna do?" One of the girls say.

"Truth or dare" I suggested

"Get yo kiddy ass out of here" Red smack his lips.

"It actually sounds fun" Y/N says.

"See" i smirk

"Yeah it sounds fun" Kae winks at me.

This bitch don't got her own mind. Why she keep copying Y/N?

"Ight Chris, truth or dare" Mijo says.

"Dare" I say, looking at Y/N and licking my lips. She laughs and look down.

"I dare you and Y/N to kiss"

"I'm down" Kae volunteers.

"No one was talking to you" Sinko says making everyone laugh.

"Shut yo uglyass up" She says rolling her eyes.

We all laugh.

"So y'all gon kiss or what?" Mijo asks.

"I choose truth now" I say.

"Nigga you a chicken"

"Shut yo bitch ass up"

"Aight. Who prettier? Kae or Y/N"

"AWEEEE" everyone say except for Y/N and Kae.

" They both pretty" I say.

"Nah nigga that don't count. Choose one." Red say.

"To make it easier, you can just choose her." Y/N says getting on her phone.

"I'm in not choosing one" I say laughing.

"I'll be right back" Kae says getting up.

"Where you going?" Sinko asks.

"The bathroom" she walks away.

"She gotta take a shit" Red says lowly but everyone hears him.

We all laugh.

"Shut up dumbass" She says.

"Someone's mad" I laugh.

Y/N chuckles.

"Aye can I ask y'all something?" They all look at me.

"Is Kae a follower?" I ask.

Y/N's eyes get wide and they all start laughing.

"Um yeah.." she says.

"So Chris... who's prettier?" 

"........Y/N....." I say they all laugh.
This one sucked 😂 sorry I made y'all wait for this stupid one. I understand if y'all mad. But thank you guys for reading and please vote and comment.... love you guys ❤️

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