Just Friends?

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"Chris" I groan as he takes my phone away.

He starts looking through my phone.

"Stop!" I yell trying to get it. He pulls it further from me.

"Why?" He asks laughing as he continues to look through it.

"I have things in there" I say hopping on his lap in a penetrating position.

I finally grab my phone and quickly lock it. He throws his head back laughing.

"Wow you're right... you did have things in there" he laughs more as his hands hold his stomach.

I hit him and pout.

He lifts his head up with a serious look. His eyes move to our position and back up at me.

"You gon get enough of hitting me" he says as his hands find their way to my hips.

"Or what?" I say getting off his lap and sitting next to him, setting my phone on the table and focusing my attention to the tv.

"Or you gon regret it" he says closing his eyes and resting his head back. I smirk.

It was about three minutes of silence before I just randomly smacked him and started to running. He was behind me. Before I could make it to the stairs, he catches me with his hand around my waist.

"So you wanna hit me anyways huh?" He asks. I feel his little (BIG) Friend pressing against me.

He was doing that on purpose.

"Chris! Let me go!" I was pulling on the rail trying to escape from him.

"Nah you should've thought about that before you smacked me." He says.

"You gon get it for sure now" he says carrying me up the stairs.

Who knows what he meant by that.

He carries me to the bed and bends my over with my hands behind my back, his hands holding my wrists together.

"Christopher Maurice Brown let me go" I yell trying to get out of his grip.

"And you said my full name? Hell yeah" he says standing behind me.

He was still pressing himself against me.

"If you want me to let you go you gotta repeat me" he says.

"ughhh" I roll my eyes.

"Say: Chris"



"Chris say the whole thing so I can repeat it" I say.

"Chris is daddy and I'm never going to smack daddy again" I could tell he had the biggest smirk on his face.

"Oh hell nah" I yell "Chris I'm not saying that"

"Then we can be here all day. I got nun to do" he says pressing himself against me more.

"Chriissss" I groan.

"Just say it. Then I'll let you go" he says like it's easy.

"No! I'm not saying that about my best friend. It's weird" I say, huffing.

I then feel a sharp pain and his hand against my ass.

"Then you gotta take this punishment" his voice was deep now. I gotta admit it was kinda sexy.

I feel another slap.

"Ouch! Okay okay." I say


"chrisisdaddyandimnevergoingtosmackdaddyagain" I say really fast.

His grip on my wrists loosened and he backed away.

I get up and hit him.

"Chris that hurts " I say rubbing my but.

"You liked it" he said as he squeezed my butt and bit his lip.

I slap his hand away.

He gives me an 'oh really?' Look.

Uh oh.

He picks me up and lays me back down on the bed. This time i was laying on my back and he was between my legs. He was pressed all the way against me. I wanted to moan but then things would get awkward.

He had my hands above my head and was holding them.

"What I tell you bout hitting me?" He asks in my ear.

I swallow a load of spit.

He pressed it against me harder.

"What I tell you?" He starts to kiss on my neck making me wet.

"Chris..." I lightly moan.

"You like that?" He bites down making me gasp.

I shake my head. I didn't want to ruin our friendship by doing this.

"You sure?" He asks as his hands travel down my body, sending shivers down my spine.

"Chris" I moan as his hands meets my pearl.

He starts rubbing and his lips go from my neck... to my jaw... to my lips. We start making out.

"Oh my... fuck" I moan louder as his hands go to work.

All of a sudden from downstairs I hear,


It was his mom.

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