Old Friend

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I rush around the house cleaning any and everything.

"Geesh! Is someone coming over?" My sister asks as she comes downstairs.

"Um.... in fact... someone is" I stop and look at her "you remember Chris?" I ask.

"Chris..." she repeats

"I used to have the biggest crush on him in 10th grade. He would constantly tease me by flirting with me???" I say trying to get her to remember.

"OH! That Chris.. why would he come over here?"

"To catch up" I say as I throw all the trash away.

"How does he look. Still healthy?"

"Very. In fact... better than ever... which I didn't even know that was possible especially with the he looked in high school" I chuckle

"How did you guys see each other?"

"We actually bumped into each other at the gas station"

"Mhm..... Ooh What's thi-" she opens the pot but I close it quickly.

"Our dinner" I say.

"What we eating?"

"We?" I cackle "you mean... us."

"Come onnnn Yn Don't Be stingy."

"Fine. What ever is left over... you can have that.. matter of fact, you can just have my seconds" I say.

"Okay... call me when he is here.. I wanna see his fine ass" and with that, she jogs back upstairs.

I sit down catching my breath from cleaning the whole downstairs area. I turn on the tv and flick through the channels to see what was on. I see Martin on so I leave it on that. Soon the doorbell rings. I open it and see Chris.

A smile appears on his face as he sees me

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A smile appears on his face as he sees me.

I hug him and he hugs me back. I have to admit... being with him after years and years brung back my feelings for him.

I let him in and close the door.

"Smells Good" He says.

"Thanks... hope you're hungry" I laugh.

"Starving" He chuckles.

"Please, have a seat" I was so nervous.

"I'm gonna get us a plate" I say as I walk to the kitchen.

"So... how you been?" I ask, starting he conversation up.

"Um... cool I guess. You?"

"Great actually... just graduated from collage around this time 3 years ago.. missing those days" I sigh

"I wish I would've went to college"

"Well it wasn't all that but in the end... it did work out" I walk over to him with our food. I sit down and hand him his bowl, taking a spoonful of mine into my mouth.

"So... where's your boyfriend?" He sets his bowl down.

I chuckle "boyfriend?"

"Yeah.. your boyfriend" he crosses his arms, leans back into the couch, and gives me his undivided attention.

"Uh... what are you talking about?" I set my bowl down.

"C'mon Yn. Quit playing with me."

"I deadass don't know what you're talking about" I say.

"So you're telling me... that that gorgeous face and curvy body of yours don't got someone to appreciate it?" He bites down on his lip and looks me up and down before his eyes met mine.

"I don't know about all that" I look down nervously while my cheeks heat up.

He chuckles. Well he started it... so imma finish it.

"Where's your girlfriend?" I ask.

"She's in LA" he says casually.

He can't be serious. I was disappointed but I didn't show it.

"Oh really? What for and... who is it?"

"I'm playing... single as a Pringle"

"I'm sure you'll find someone and settle down soon" I turn my attention to the tv.

"I will if she let's me" that caught my attention. I turn around to be caught off guard by him kissing me.

My heart fluttered. My stomachs butterflies started flapping all over the place.

I didn't wanna stop but something told me to pull away. So i did. He looks at me in shock but it soon then turns into disappointment.

"I'm sorry. I- it-"

"No. It's not like I didn't like it.. I just got caught off guard"

"It's just I had this thing for you since 10 grade but I was with Aniya and I didn't like the thought of breaking up with a girl for another girl... and then you went off to college we broke up cause she moved. I was always talking to you're sister and eventually I lost contact with you all. Everyone we went to school with I asked if they seen you. And then I lost hope and went in depression for a couple months cause there was just something about you that made me crave you being around...."

"Chris you could've just talked to me and told me the situation... I would've understood" I say leaning in.

"Then... be mine" he holds my hand and kisses me. He takes his arm and wraps it around my waist, holding me tight.

"Hey can I eat no-" we stop kissing and turn to my sister.

"I guess y'all busy or whatevah" she says going backwards up the stairs causing us both to laugh.

"No... you're fine... come sit" I tap the spot next to me.

"Ight" she shrugs and jogs downstairs, sitting on the other side of me.

"This ain't no third wheel shit is it?" She asks as I lay on  Chris' shoulder and he wraps his arm around my shoulders

I laugh "no"
Guys I am so sorry and thank you all for being patient cause I've been having serious writers block but imma make it up to y'all❤️

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