Take This Picture?

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I was walking down the school hallway, determined to get to class. I just so happened to walk past my crush, Chris.

"AYE Y/N" I hear from behind me.

I slowly turn around. I see Mijo, Sinko, and Chris all staring at me.

"Y-yeah?" I ask

"Come 'er" Chris says, moving his finger in a 'come here' motion.

I walk over to them.

"When you gon let me tap that ass?" He asks stepping up a little bit.

I cover my mouth, laughing.

"Sike nah, but can you take this picture for us" he says referring to him and Mijo.

"Sure" I take his phone and open up the camera.

Click. I take the picture and hand the phone back to him.

"Here you go" I say as he takes the the phone. He stares at his phone and I take that as I can finally leave. I start to walk away...

"Y/N wait up" he says running behind me.

I turn my head to him as he walks beside me.

"Yeah wassup?" I ask.

"What you doing after school today?" He asks

"Nothing... probably just homework and that's it"

"Ight so can you come to my kickback?"

"Umm what time does it start?"


"Great I'll be there" I smile and he smiles back. He stops walking and I continue.

"So I can't get a hug?" He asks from behind me.

I turn to him, giving him a hug

"Ight so I'll see you at 9?" He asks as we let go of each other.

"You bet" I wink at him and walk to my class.

Part 2?

❤️ Love you guys 😘

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