Stranger Pt2

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"I think I should go home" she starts to get up.

"Nah... I don't think that's a good idea" I say.

"What? Why?" She says sitting down.

"You really wanna be by yourself after all this?" I ask.

"I jus-" I see the guy move in the corner of my eye.

She grabs on me like crazy scared.

"Go down the hall and into the bathroom" I whisper.

She rushes out the room.

I soon hear a car pull up outside. I stand up and look out the window.

That's when I feel a pain against my head and next thing I know... everything goes black.


I was hiding in the bathroom with the door locked, sitting on the sink. Chris was really nice. He risked getting hurt for me... someone who doesn't even know... but why?

I suddenly hear something hit the floor and I get scared. I hear a sound of running.

Should I Go? Should I stay?

I was conflicted.

Go! Go!

Don't Go!

I had a good and bad angel. And right now.. I'm leaning more towards the bad one. I rush out the door. Going to see what was going on. Turning the corner, I bump into a figure. I look up and it was the guy. I almost pissed myself. I was shaking like I was on crack. Literally.

"I don't got time for you right now you scary ass bitch" he says, rushing past me.

Then where's Chris?

I go back to that traumatic room. As I look in the door. I see Chris laying on the floor. I quickly run in, shaking him.

"C'mon c'mon wake up" I say quietly.

I sit there. I don't want to go down there to get his friends and risk him hurting me. I shake him a couple more times. He wakes up with a confused look.

"Are you Okay? What happened?" I ask him. Before he could answer, he hear a glass break and a loud slam. I hear Chris' friend yelling.We both get up.

"Stay here" He says, and then he runs out.

This is happening. This is really happening.


I run downstairs. I gotta catch that guy before he hurts someone else. I run to catch up to him as fast as possible. As soon as I got downstairs all I seen was Red on the floor groaning and Mijo had just ran upstairs with a gun and the front door was hanging open. I sigh.

"Shit... we gotta catch the nigga" I say.

"Where the girl at" Mijo asks

"She upstairs" i sit down on the couch, tired as hell.

"What happened to you?" I ask, nodding my head at Red.

"Weak ass white boy kicked me in my nuts" he says still groaning -in pain-

"Where the hell Sinko at?" I say confused.

Mijo looks out the door "his car still outside"

"The Fuck?" I scratch the back of my head.

I hear a loud ass moan and Mijo and I look at each other.

"The hell?" Red says, still holding his nuts while laying down.

I get up going to the guest bedroom under our stairs. Mijo follows. Mijo points the gun and I open it, seeing Sinko.... in the bed... fucking some bitch.

They pause and look at us. Mijo and I smack our lips.

"C'mon man! Seriously? In my house nigga?" I yell

"Man that's what y'all asses get for being nosey" Sinko say putting his clothes on. The girl does the same.

"Ight Mel, I'll see you later" he says. She walks out the door.

"So What happened?" He puts his hands on his hips and smiles.

"That nigga got loose" I sigh holding my head down.

So now I gotta find this nigga and protect this girl....
This part was kind of boring 🤷🏽‍♀️ but part three?

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