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I was so worried... Chris wanted to come over and said we needed to talk about something serious.

I pause the movie and open the door to see Chris with the most guilty look on his face.

I step aside to let him in.

He walks in and I close the door behind him. He sits on the couch playing with his ring.

I sit next to him and close. I put my hand on his hand.

"Y/N...." he looks up and had tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Chris.. what's wrong?" I ask him, now holding his hand.

"I love you so much... but we have to break up"

I suddenly pull my hands from his.


"I- I just can't live like this. I don't deserve you"

"You do! We deserve each other!" I say as I started crying.

"No. I love you but-"



"NO!" I yell running upstairs.

"YN!" I shut the door behind me and turn my back against and I slide down the door. I never felt pain like this.

I felt like I sat there for hours. Emptying your body with tears. I loved Chris but for him to sit there and just break up with me. It shattered my heart.

"Yn.... open the door" I hear on the other side of the door.

I stayed silent and remained in my spot.

"Ight.... imma leave you alone. But you just know... I love you"

I hear as he shuts the front door. As soon as I heard that, I looked out the window and watched him pull off.

I go downstairs to see a note on the couch that read:

Yn. I love you so much. But I just couldn't take my conscience bugging me. I cheated on you. I felt so guilty. And I couldn't take the fact that I did that and you still didn't have any clue. I can't sleep at night. I can't even eat. I don't deserve you. Go out there and find your self someone who will love and appreciate you better than I ever have. Find someone who won't take you for granted and stay loyal and love you with all their heart. But just remember... I will always and I mean ALWAYS.. love you.
                                   - Chris

I cried even more. I didn't want anyone but him. And if he felt this horrible right now then I just know he wouldn't do it again. But at the same time.... I don't wanna take him back. It's so embarrassing and humiliating. He did it to me. Cheated! Could I forgive him? Just this once?
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