Who Dis?

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I past the blunt and pick up my phone to see I got a text from my girlfriend, Yn.

Hey babe. Just got off work. Stopping by at Chanel's then I'll be omw.
*received 15 mins ago*

"Aye y'all" I say but everyone continues to talk. I stand up.

"Attention!" I finally catch everyone's attention.

"My baby's coming over so imma need y'all to get ya'll ish and get out! You ain't gotta go home but you gotta get tf up outta here" I say.

Everyone starts to complain.

Angelic gets up and starts looking around. Angelic was friend of mine. My first and only slip up on Yn was with Angelic. But we promised we'd stay friends and only friends. Yn never found out that it was her. She doesn't even know her.

"What's wrong with you?" I ask her.

"I lost my grandmothers ring. I need that" she starts to check under the couch and everything.

"You can come over another time and look for it. But you can't be here when Yn pull up." I tell her.

"No you don't understand! My grandma is dead that's the only thing I have of hers" she starts to panic as everyone leaves and her cousin, Diamond helps her look for it.

"When's the last time you remember it being in your finger?" I ask

Diamond leaves out.

"Right before we started eating the pizza"

At this point we were both panicking. I was only panicking because Yn coming home with another female and just me in the house does not look good. And the fact that she came dressed half naked makes this situation much worse.

"Check the trash." I say as I start looking everywhere else.
5 minutes go by and I hear a car pull up. I loo outside and see it was Yn.


"Oh look I found it" she says excitedly.

"Now you need to get tf out" I say pushing her to the door.

I look out side and see Yn walking up to the door.

"But not this way" I we both start panicking.

Angelic starts to freak out while I think of another way for her to leave without having a run in with Yn.

The door begins to unlock and Angelic, out of nowhere, drops to the floor behind the couch. The door opens and here comes Yn walking through it.

"Hey babe" I say nervously.

She makes an awkward face before sniffing twice. "You been smoking?" She asks


"A whole blunt by yourself?" She raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms.


"Well imma go make something to eat" she drops her bag on the floor and starts to walk.

"Wait babe lets just go out and eat" I say

"No! I just came from being out, I wanna rest my feet."

"Okay then let me take you to the spa" I say.

"You're silly" She chuckles before her face turns straight and she stares off into the distance. I turn around to see Angelic's foot behind the couch.

She walks over to behind the couch

"Wait babe no no no no no"I try to stop her but it was too late.

Angelic pops up and try's to run away.

"WHO THIS BITCH YOU GOT UP IN MY HOUSE CHRISTOPHER" she starts to try to get past me to get to her.

"Babe it ain't what it look like" I try to explain but she was busy trying to get past me.

"No need to explain shit I already know what was going on. You fucking around with some duck looking bitch."

Angelic stops running and turns around "who you calling a duck looking bitch?" She starts to run up.

"Angelic no!" I shout pushing Yn away.

"Run up hoe imma lay yo ass out! I'm not the one! You don't know me!" Yn starts to square up.

"Angelic get out!" I yell. She finally picks up her shoes and walks out the door.

I look over at Yn, who was picking up her things as well.


"No don't babe me Chris. I give you another chance after the first time and you do it again? I should've known better" she throws her purse over her shoulder.

"No it's not what it looks like from the outside!" I say.

"Then what is it? Because a guy trying to hide a half naked bitch from his girlfriend after she comes home from work doesn't look so great to me"

I sigh. She was right.

"Okay so I had some of my homies over and they hoes came with them, Angelic came just to smoke. When you said you were coming home I made them leave but Angelic lost her grandmothers ring and we were looking while everyone left and that's when you came home. The only reason I hid her was because I knew what it was gonna look like if you came home no matter if I hid her or not. I was trying to avoid what just happened" I explain.

She sighs and lowers her head.

"Baby I'm sorry I just.... you know what it looks like from the outside so that's what I thought and..... I apologize" she sighs

"It's okay baby" I hg and kiss her then she pulls away.

"But I don't apologize for almost laying that hoe out because she wanted to square up with me!" She says

"You called her a duck looking bitch" I laugh.

"Okay she was a duck looking bitch, what you want me to lie and tell her she's not a duck looking bitch?" She questions.

"You something else but I love you" I kiss her and we laugh.

"I love you too baby"
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