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In which if Chris ain't gonna treat you right, you'll find someone who will.

In which if Chris ain't gonna treat you right, you'll find someone who will

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I slam my his phone down on the floor as tears leave my eyes.

"Aye where my pho-" I look up to see Chris who was now starring at his shattered phone that now lays on the floor.

"Why are you cheating?" I ask him "am I not good enough?"

He pick up his phone and looks at it before throwing it across the room. I dodge it thinking it was gonna hit me.

"Why you going through my phone?" He asks

"Because I'm tired of you leaving me worried with anxiety"

"Man shut the fuck up" he walks away

"Chris!" I yell after him.

He goes into the room and slams the door shut.

I sigh as I call my best friend who was like an older brother.

"Hey wassup?" He was sleep.

"Trey, can I please come over?"

"Yeah what's wrong?"

"I'll tell you about it when I get there"

I slip on my slides and throw on one of Chris' old jackets that reeked of mildew and cigarettes. Once I pull up in front of Trey's place, I locked the car and went to knock on his door. The door swings open and a shirtless Trey is revealed.

"Wassup ma?"

I dive in his arms and start break down crying.

"hey hey hey, what happened?" he closes the door and guides me to his couch.

"Chris..... cheated"

" I'm gonna kill him" he mumbles

"No. It's my fault. I just been so distant with lately. I know it's my fault." I say wiping my tears.

"No. You didn't tell him to go and cheat. He did that shit on his own. That's his fault."

"Listen you stay here. I have to go to my mom's quickly. She wants me to do a store run" he says as he throws a shirt over his head and puts his shoes on.

"Aye" he kneels down to meet my height "make yourself a home, chill out, eat up all my food just like you do any other time" we both laugh "and just don't worry" he wipes my tear and leaves out the house, locking the door behind him.

I go to the kitchen and make me a couple dorito sandwiches.

Chris loves dori- STOP!

In the middle of making my food, I just start breaking down crying.

"Get over it Yn." I whisper to myself.

I pour myself some henny and sit down on the couch and start to watch Criminal Minds.


It was 3 in the morning when Trey came in the house.

"Hey where were you?" I manage to slur out.

"I went to my homeboys house and ended up falling asleep." he takes a seat next to me. "So how you been?" he asks.

" I drunk half a bottle of henny if that's what you mean" I chuckle

"Yn, you gotta get over it. He decided to do this to you. He should have to live with it. Not you"

I pick up the henny bottle, pouring a bit into my glass and drink some while starring at the wall

" He didn't even care that I caught him" a tear falls from my eye.

I sit up and set my glass down. I rest my face in my hands and start crying my eyes out.

"Hey. It's okay" He lifts my head up and moves the hair out of my face.

Our faces move closer together.

"Tre-" his lips crash into mine. Next thing you know we were full blown making out. He lays me down on the couch and starts kissing down my neck.

"Trey we shouldn't be... doing this" he kisses down my stomach but I didn't stop him. This is exactly what I needed right now.


I wake up in the bed next to Trey. I was fully naked but didn't remember shit that happened last night. It was only 7 in the morning and Trey was still deep in sleep. I slowly crawl out of the bed and put my clothes on. I leave the house and get in the car. I sit and images of last night flashed in and out of my head. I sigh and back out of his drive way, making my way to my house.

I slowly step inside the dark house and turn on our dimmest light. I see a figure sitting on the couch. I hear sniffs and sobs. I turn on another light and see Chris. He looks up.

"Yn? Where you been?"


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