The Business

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{Merry Christmas To All Who Celebrate!}

I shove the Santa Outfit on to Chris' chest.

"Bae what am I gonna do with this?" He asks, sitting on the bed.

"Put it on" I say as I strip from my clothes.

"For?" He asks

"Chris we know that every year, Kacee and Christian sneak down stairs to try to guess what they got. If they see you down stairs- in the Santa outfit, they will think you're Santa and won't come downstairs." I explain.

"Or we can just use this costume to reenact Mr and Mrs Clause" he smirks at me.

I slowly walk over to him in my lace bra and thongs. He bites his lip.

"Is that what you wanna do... Mr.clause?" I straddle him as he snakes his arms around my waist.

"Mhm" he groans as he kisses on my neck. I start to grind on him.

He flips us over so now I'm laying down on the bed and he's over top of me.

"I'll be right back" he gets up getting the costume.

"Be ready" he points at me as he walks into the bathroom. As soon as he closes the door behind him, I quickly go check on the kids rooms. They were sleep. I run back to the room and grab Chris' gift I've been hiding in my shoe. I run downstairs and put it under the tree.

I run back into the room and slowly, quietly start to close the door.

"Where you think you going?" I suddenly hear.

I turn around and give him a nervous smile.

"Hey baby" I nervously say.

"Get yo ass back in that bed" he points to the bed.

I hop into the bed excited for what he was gonna give me tonight.

I could see his boner through his pants. He leans over me.

"Mhmm" I groan while making out with him. His hands travel down my body to my thongs, sliding them down.

He throws them off in the room somewhere.

His hands starts to go to work on my lower area.

"Chris" I lightly moan.

"Nope.... what's my name?" He says.

"Daddy" I close my eyes, focused on the pleasure.

"Santa baby girl... Santa" he says.

He unclips my bra, slinging it somewhere.

He takes one boob in his hand and another in his mouth WHILE his fingers were still doing their thing. Talk about multitasking!

"Santa" I bite my lip.

"You ready for Santa jr baby girl?" He sits up.

I nod my head.

"Then you know the drill... ass up, face down" I turn around, doing exactly what he said.

As soon as I do that he spanks me, making me arch my back.

I love when he commands during sex.

I feel him glide it on my around my spot. He was teasing.

"Don't tease" I moan.

"So you ready?"

"Yes Santa" I reach through my legs grabbing his member and pushing it into myself.

"Shit" he groans as his hands squeezes my hips.

He slowly starts thrusting.

"Awhhh Chris... right there" I moan.

"Did Santa find your G-Spot?"

"Yes" I move my hips with his to speed up the process.

He heavily breathes in and spanks me.

I arch my back deeper.

This is gonna be a long night.
I stir from my sleep, trying to cuddle Chris but he wasn't there. I sit up, rubbing my eyes.

"Mommy!" I suddenly hear followed by a bunch of footsteps running towards the room.

I suddenly see the kids run in here, followed by Chris. They all jump on the bed.

"ITS CHRISTMAS. ITS CHRISTMAS!" They chant, jumping on the bed.

"Auntie Bella and My mom downstairs" Chris says.

"Are they waiting for me?" I ask.

"They just came" he said making his way over to give me a kiss.

I give him a small kiss.

"Okay kids go downstairs and wait" I say. They run out the room.

"Last night was great" I smile at Chris.

"It sure was" he blows several kisses at me.

"It sure was" he blows several kisses at me

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"Okay... lets get these presents open so I can come sleep again" I say getting out of bed. As soon as I stand up, my legs go weak causing me to fall.

I hear Chris start bursting out laughing.

"Aweee my baby can't walk" he makes his way over to where I was just laying on the floor.

"I can" I get up. My legs looked crippled. Literally.

Chris stands in front of me telling me to get on his back.

We go downstairs.

"Hey mama j. Hey aunt Bella" I wave to them, still on Chris' back
"Okay open it" say to Chris as I hand him his present.

He opens the little box, revealing the ultrasound.

He looks at me with a huge smile on his face.


"Pregnant" I cut him off.

Aunt Bella and Mama J cheer.

"Mommy guess what!" Kacee says.

"What's up"

"I seen Santa in your room yesterday"

I look at Aunt Bella and Mama J looking between Chris and I.

"Why were you out of bed?" I ask Kacee

"Never mind that! Why was Santa in your room?" Christian cuts in.

I drink my tea avoiding the question.

"Santa was giving Y/N the business" Aunt Bella says

I choke on my tea causing everyone to laugh.
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!🎄😘

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