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In which Chris impresses you with his ball skills

In which Chris impresses you with his ball skills

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I walk down the hall of the school. I guess you can say I was the popular girl in the whole school. I was a senior. And every and I mean every boy tried to talk to me when they had the chance.

Anyways, I was walking down the hall with my friend, Teyana.

"And I was like-"

"Damn. That ass" I hear behind me along with a slap on my ass. Tey and I turn around to see Chris.

Chris was a player. And IN THE 11th GRADE! He's always had this thing for me since he was in 6th grade and I was in 7th grade.

"Chris. If you touch my ass one more time-"

"Why? I know you like it" he bites his lip.

I roll my eyes.

"Chris she doesn't want yo 11 year old ass" Tey says.

"Aye, I'm 17 and she do want me. You should see the way she be lookin at me" he pulls me to him and hugs me from behind.

I pull from him and move his hand from my ass.

"Nah but for real, I want y'all to come to my practice today after school" he say.

I sigh.

"Fine" I say
I walk into the school gym where a whole bunch of boys were just playing basketball and fooling around.

I see Chris. He was sweaty and might I say, looking fine as hell.

He walks over to me.

"Wassup ma?" He says. He tries to hug me but I push him back, touching his abs and getting a little sweat on my hand.

"What?" He asks.

"You're sweaty" I say.

He looks to the side and rolls his eyes.

"Ight lil boujee" he laughs, bouncing the ball.

"I ain't boujee and you can't blame me. Ion want sweat on me" I state as I follow behind him to the court.

"Where Tey?" He wraps one arms around my waist.

"She had to go home and babysit her little brother" I say.

"Aye I see y'all" I hear Trey yell from across the court.

I look at what he was talking about, my waist.

I push him off.

Chris smacks his lips "man, quit playing. You know you want it" he crosses the ball.

"Want what" I cross my arms and raise my eyebrow.

"This dick" he licks his lips and smiles.

I roll my eyes, trying to hold in my laugh.

"Seriously? That small thing" I chuckle.

"Oh baby girl it ain't small. I can show you" he pulls my hand trying to pull me to the boys locker room. I resist him.

He puts my hand on his chest and slides it down. His hands wraps around mine and I suddenly feel something large fill my hand. I look down and I see my hand on Chris' pants.

"Chris!" I say, snatching my hand back from him.

"I told you" he says laughing.

"Chris we gon do this three on three or what?" August yells

"Yeah holup" he says.

He pulls me close by my hips.

"Watch from the bleachers baby girl" his hands go down my waist and squeeze my butt.

"Chris" I roll my eyes and laugh. I sit on the first bleacher seat and watch.

Chris stands in front of me, taking is shirt off.

He's doing this on purpose.

"Here hold this" he hands me his shirt.

I take it and even with sweat, it still smells good.
It was about 30 minutes into the game and it was the last round. I sigh as I watch Chris play.

"Aye Y/N" Chris yells to me out of breath

"Yeah?" I ask him.

"This for you" he points and winks at me.

He crosses Sinko and goes around him, dunking in the basket.

"Chris' Team Win" Tyga announces. He was keeping score the whole time.

After clapping all his friends up, he walks over to me.

"Did you let my shirt dry out or was you cuddling it the whole time?" He chuckles.

I look down to see his shirt underneath my wrapped up arms.

He laughs harder.

"Not funny" I roll my eyes, embarrassed.

"It was cute though" he smiles, sitting next to me.


"When you going home?"

"Whenever someone picks me up" I sigh looking down to my phone.

"You don't got a car?" He asks.


"Word?" He asks, shocked.

"Word." I say sarcastically.

"I'll drop you off. But you gotta stop being a smart ass" he say staring at me.

"Word?" I mimic him.

He laughs. "Aye you funny ma" he leans into me.

As soon as we were about to kiss, Mijo comes over to us.

"Chris tryna get him some pussy" he laughs.

"Man shut yo ass up" Chris mean mugs him.

"Come on baby girl" he stands up.

I stand up behind him.

"I'll holla at y'all later" Chris tells his friends as we leave the gym.

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