Her Dad

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I was eating some ice cream in my room when my niece came in.

"Hey auntie Y/N" She says

"Hey Cam. And what did I tell you about calling me auntie? You wanna make me feel old?" I ask, setting me ice cream down on my nightstand.

"Sorry but mom says I should do it out of respect" I roll my eyes.

"Well just do it when she's around" I say snickering.

"Got it" she laughs.

"So wassup?"

"Um I was wondering if my Friend Roro can come over".

Why does that name sound familiar?


"But we have to go pick her up cause her dad is working" she says.

"Okay. Let me just put on some clothes that don't have ice cream on them."

She walks out.

I put on a loose, white sweatshirt and some jeans.

I put on my supreme uptempos and tie my hair into a topknot.

"Cam!" I yell as I go downstairs.

"Coming!" She yells back.

I sit at the table and wait for her.

Kimmy (Cam's Mom, My sister) walks in, setting her keys on the table.

"Hey sis" I say.

"Where you going?" She asks.

"Picking Cam's Friend up." I say

"Oh" she walks into the dining room going on her phone.

Just then, Cam comes downstairs.

"Hey mom"


We go out to the car.

"She lives in the south side of L.A right?"

"Her mom does but she's at her dad's" I nod and start the engine.

We drive and it felt like forever until we pulled up to a big ass house. Almost all the houses in LA were big but this one? He must have money. The driveway was filled with the hottest cars. The walls of the outside of the house were covered in types of graffiti art that you couldn't even imagine.

It was beautiful.

"She's coming" She says. Just then a girl about 13 Year's old walks out of the house.

She gets in the car.

"Hi" she says

"Hi" I smile to her through the rearview mirror.

"Does your dad know your coming?" I ask her.

"Yeah, my mom talked to him" she says.

I nod.

We drive back to our house just listening to random music
One Year Later
I was cooking while listening to Cam's and Roro's conversation.

"Well if he does like you he will show it in a nice way or he will pick on you"  I tell Roro. She was talking about a boy that she likes and might like her.

She nods her head as she picks up her phone.

The doorbell rings.

I go to get it.

I open the door to see a man. His eyes light up as he looks me up and down.


"H-hi" I say trying to remain calm.

"Um... hi" he smiles and looks down and clearing his throat.

"M-may I help y-you?" I stutter.

He chuckles. "Yeah I'm here for my daughter Royalty" he says.

Oh shit. I loved Chris when I was young but I matured and stopped obsessing over him as I got older. And I even forgot he had a daughter.

"O-oh um... Roro! Your d-dad's here" I yell to her as I step aside and let him in, closing the door behind him.

He starts to laugh.

"I'm sorry. I-is something funny?" I ask him, crossing my arms.

He laughs for a couple more seconds before stopping and biting his lip.

"Yeah. It's just that you seem a little bit nervous" he chuckles.

We stand there awkwardly for a little while before Cam and Royalty come running downstairs.

"Hey dad. Cam, walk me out. Bye Y/N" Royalty says walking past us with Cam and out the door.

"So you're the famous Y/N?" He smiles lifting his glasses from his eyes to his forehead.

"What do you mean?"

"Royalty talks about you all the time. She... loves you. She says you're like an older sister." He says.

"R-really?" I felt so flattered.

He nods his head.

"And by the way I'm Ch-" I cut him off.

"Don't worry, I know" I laugh.

"Well it was nice to meet you" he says.

I shake his hand.

"Very nice to meet you too" I say walking him to the door.

Cam comes back in.

"Y/N" he bites his lip.

"Chris" I smile as he walks out.

"What was that about" cam smiles as she closes the door behind him.

"What are you talking about?" I laugh

"What do you mean 'what are you talking about ' you're blushing " she laughs at me.

I shake my head laughing at her.
Most definitely making a part two to this!

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