Stage Two

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"Chase my office please!" My mother voice came through my phone quickly

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"Chase my office please!" My mother voice came through my phone quickly.

Sighing I set my current file down standing from my desk going to exit my office. A number of morning greetings are tossed my way as I am making my way through the building. Banks Law is a family business started from the ground up by my great grandfather passed down to my mother. In years to come being that I am an only child the law firm will eventually fall into my hands of caring.

It was probably no changing me being a lawyer with just about every family member I've known happens to enter the lawyer life style everything about law was constantly being thrown at me as to give me no other options. I'm not complaining to much since I'm good at what I do but it's all I know. My life was planned out before I was.

"Ah my beautiful boy just as handsome as I remember." My mother beams standing from her desk making strides my way.

"Hello mother." After a hug and loving motherly kiss to my head she send a bright smile my way.

"This is the daughter of a partner of mine who is new to town. Penny my son Chase." She introduces here.

As I was raised I greet the young woman with a kiss to her hand. She smiled taking her bottom lip between her rows of teeth.

"'re mother speaks very high of you as a hard hitting lawyer and gentleman." Her blue eyes roam my being as I slide my hand out of her hold.

"Well she has always been the bragging type. What brings you to this wonder place of dreams?"

"I just finished school and moved back to my home to be with family. My dad set this whole thing up with your mom...they think we'll enjoy each other's company to the fullest." She walked her fingers up my arm batting her lashes.

My mother had snuck herself out leaving us to ourselves. None of this is new to me since my 18th birthday she has been sending woman my way to engage in a relationship with. A total of two have made it pass the two month mark with one who reached six months that is until is was uncovered she only came to bring down this long lived business.

My full interest is in my work right now. A relationship is not what I need plus I can't seem to find a woman to fit my needs. Any female can give sexual pleasure but what I want is someone to connect on a mental level with a hunger of success. I want a life partner and it just seems some of the woman of this generation don't fit that title.

"Well uh I guess we can go grab some coffee." I gesture towards the door finding my mother peaking in smiling ear to ear.

"A date already?"

Before I could answer Penny stepped up grabbing my hand leaning her head on my shoulders. "What can I say a match made to happen."

My mother gushed at us. It took every bone in my body to continue my gentleman like ways. I have a very strong dislike for people speaking for me.

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