Day 3: Gaming- Zron- Dead By Daylight Stream

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Well while I was doing the original it all dissapeard... ;-; here's this. (Sorry for it being short, I lost my patience.)

Nick's P.O.V:

"You ready Jon?" I ask my boyfriend,

"Yeah!" He answers enthusiastically, as he always does.

"Alright, we're starting the stream in 3, 2, 1..." I start.

"DID IT START YET?" JON asks, shouting. 

"Yes, Jon, it started," I chuckle.

I could see some people in chat.

"Yup, I see the chat going," I say.

"Okay are you gonna say the announcement now, or later?" Jon asks, thinking he's whispering.

He obviously wasn't enough, because people in the chat were saying "What announcement?"

"Well now that you said it, I have to now, sorry for everyone who missed the stream," I say.

I breathed in and out.

"Well guys, me and Jon... are... dating," I finally let it out. Good to be coming out to all our fans.

The chat was spammed with 'Aww's' and 'I ship it's'

Jon started laughing, most likely seeing the chat.

"Anyway, on that note, we'll be playing dead by daylight," I say.

"Yeah!" Jon exclaims.

And then we chill playing dead by daylight.

(I'm honestly really mad at myself for this, I had to get it done and the one I was working on really hard, flat out dissapeard ;-; sorry for this)

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