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(I need lots of ideas to flow for this so it may be less than 4, just saying since I normally do 4 for these)

FIRST SHIP!: Cori (Cory×Bri)-The Question: AU-Soulmate. Time Setting- High School

*Ring* Cory passed through the school halls, passing a bunch of people he thought were complete strangers. Only his second day of high school. His mom wanted him to find his Soulmate or just a group of friends in less than 5 months of school. Cory already had some friends but...he still felt alone inside. He didn't have his Soulmate.

"Cory!" He heard a female voice shout one day. He turned around from his locker spot. It was Bri, a good friend of his that was in his English class.

"Oh Hey, Bri," he said once she reached him. He had never realized this before, but her hair was brown, a natural hair color....and it never changed. She was blushing a bit.

"Um, this isn't the best place to do this right now... Um what do you have right now?" She asked, referring to classes.

"Um, it's my free period," Cory answered as he looked at his schedule he had out. She smiled.

"Great! Uh, can we talk outside?" She asks, Cory nods and the two walk outside together. Cory thought Bri was pretty, and he doesn't normally see her hair change color, if she was his Soulmate he would definitely not mind.

"So... Um, weird question, but have you seen my hair change color?" She asks and tilts her head a bit. It's the question! Cory thought. He heard that all of his friends got together by one of them asking that same question. Jon and Ashlie got together and Ashlie asked Jon the same question. Nick and Tommy got together and Tommy asked Nick the same question. He hasn't heard from Uni yet, he still hasn't found his Soulmate.

"No, I haven't seen your hair change," Cory answered with a smooth smile. She begins to blush and look away from Cory, slightly embarrased

"You, Bri, are my soulmate," he says. Bri smiles as well, her blush spreading across her face. Bri takes no time to lean in and plant a kiss on Cory's lips. And then the bell destroyed their romantic moment. Bri broke apart.

"Oh come on!" She groaned. Cory gave a small chuckle and lifted up Bri's chin.

"Wanna come to my house after school?" He asks. Bri blushes, and nods. Cory plants a short kiss on Bri's forehead and starts to walk off.

"See you later," he says, as he dissapears, walking to his class, leaving Bri, blushing alone.

Eh, that one was okay. But thankfully RainbowStar812 gave me a request!
Second Ship: Zron- Movie Night. (Modern AU)

Nick's P.O.V:

Today- well, tonight, is movie night! I decided to have the entire crew over to watch a movie. Maybe sleepover, that would be fun too. I told them to bring their kigurumi's for fun. It was only 5:23, and the.."party" would start at 6:30. The doorbell already rang.

I pirked up and walked downstairs to greet whoever rang the doorbell. I open up the door and see Jon staring back at me, a smile on his face.

"Hey Nick! Sorry for coming too early..." he said, rubbing the back of his neck. I smile.

"It's okay, come on in, we can hang out before the others get here," I say as I walk inside, with him following behind me. I sit down on the couch.

"So, what's been going on with you?" I ask as he sits down next to me. He shrugs.

"Nothing much, what movie are we watching?" He then asks.

"I dunno, I guess I'll have to choose off of everyone's preference," as soon as I say that I hear a "Ding Dong" at my door.

"I guess someone else decided to come early too," I say as I get up. Jon looked unhappy as I walked towards the door, but I shrugged it off. I open the door to reveal a smiling Tommy. I would plan to confess to him if we had any time alone together after the movie.

"Hey Tom, come on in," I say, opening the door wide. He comes in without a word.

"Hey Nicky-Boy, oh hey Johnny ol' pal," he says as he walks inside, seeing Jon. I look at Jon who was silent, he was smiling though, it looked kinda forced.

"Hi," Jon finally said.

"We'll have to wait for the others to arrive, Tommy, you're tall, can you help me getting the food?" I ask. Tommy nods as he let's out a chuckle.

"Yes, short person," he says as he follows me into the kitchen. Alone. If he refuses your feelings, there will always be other people for you, I tell myself.

"Hey...Uh, I'm gonna say this quick... I know we're friends and all, and I don't want this to ruin our friendship..." I say, slowly. I then pause, to make sure Tommy was listening.

"Go on, I'm listening," he says in what sounded like a serious tone of voice. I take a deep breath, I was going to need it, I was going to say it quickly, like taking off a band-aid.

"Like I said, I don't want this to ruin our friendship, and I'm gonna say this quickly, I've had a crush on you for a while, Tommy," I say, my eyes closed, afraid of what he would say. He puts a hand on my shoulder.

"Uh...Nick... I think it would be better to stay pals," he says. I open my eyes and give a nod. He was about to walk back into the living room when I stop him.

"Yo, I actually needed help getting food," I say, pointing to a cupboard. I was never able to get stuff down from inside the cupboard. Tommy laughs and opens the cupboard.

"Popcorn?" He asks, looking at the bag.

"Yep, get it please?" I ask. He grabs the bag and tosses it lightly at me, thankfully I grab it. We walk back into the living room where Jon was wide eyed, like he had just got caught.

"Eavesdropping?" I ask. Jon sighs and nods.

"He's all yours, Jon," Tommy says with a smirk. Jon's back straightens.

"Tommy! How did you know?!? I mean..." he exclaims, then he realizes what he had said. I smile at Jon.

"Jon?" I ask. He looks at me.

"Y-yes?" He asks, timidly. My smile turns into a playful smirk.

"It's okay, we can wait together," I say as I sit down on the couch, and pat a place for him to sit next to me. He slowly sits down next to me, I could see how timid he was. I decided to change that by snaking my arms around his waist and pulling him closer to me. Tommy aw'ed and then the door flung open.

"WE HAVE ARRIVED!" Ashlie's voice shouted as she made her way inside, Cory and Uni following behind her.

"Cuddling moment ruined you two, get up," Cory announced. Me and Jon sigh, time to start the movie!

Sorry it was only 2, I didn't have much inspiration, and I was out of the house more than usual, also, next theme is a little hard, do if you don't want it short, give me NewScapeComics ideas for a Mascarade *no idea how to spell it, but it's like a ballroom party with masks that are cool* bye now! AND I REPEAT, LEAVE IDEAS!


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