[REWRITE] Day 3: Gaming- Zron

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(Day 3 was really short mostly because it dissapeard the first time so this is the remake and I couldn't rewrite it the last time because I had lost my patience and it was really late so here this on is)

"Hey, guys wanna play some Dead by Daylight?" Ashlie asks, in a call with Uni and Nick.

"Yeah sure! Lemmie get-" Nick gets cut off by Jon coming into his room.

"SOMEONE SAY DEAD BY DAYLIGHT?" Jon shouts. Ashlie starts to laugh. She then pauses and gasps.

"Oohhhhh are you two in the same room?" She asks, most likely wiggling her eyebrows.

"Uh,yeah, we are dating," Nick states. Ashlie sighs.

"Alright fine, now let's play some Dead by Daylight!" Ashlie exclaims

Killer: Uni, obviously

"Alright, make sure you get Nick salty, Uni," Ashlie laughs.

"Noo!" Jon and Nick say in unison, Jon sadly, and Nick shouting. Uni just cackles.

"Okay, me and Jon spawned together,where are you Ashlie?" Nick asks.

"Um I'm totally not working on a generator," Ashlie says.

"Oh cool me too!" Jon says, starting to work on a generator. Nick crouches away and finds a nother generator.

"Nick why didn't you help m- OH GOD!" He shouts, blowing up the generator once. Nick simply laughs. Jon looks at him, saltily from their chairs.

"I knew that would happen," Uni chuckles, running towards Jon.

"Uh oh, I can hear the heartbeat," Jon laughs, running away.

"Come 'ere Jon," Uni says in a raspy voice.

"Uni, you better not touch Jon," Nick growls. Uni chuckles.

"I'm not even near him!" He laughs more. Ashlie is just laughing in the background.

"But I see you," Jon breaths, laughing.

"I CAN HEAR THE HEARTBEAT FROM JON'S COMPUTER!" Nick shouts, Uni continues laughing.

"Oh no he found me," Jon says, crouching low.

"UNI!" Nick continues to shout. Uni continues to laugh.

"He's just standing in front of me, look!" Jon laughs, letting Nick look at his screen.

"Huh, I wonder if he's broken," Nick laughs.

"He's just standing there," Jon laughs.

"Wait is he really?" Ashlie asks, stopping laughing.

"Yeah! OH GOD!" Jon screamed, Uni who had just attacked him.

"Alright that's enough," Uni cackles evilly, and grabs Jon and puts him on his shoulder.

"UNI!" Nick shouts.

"Nick! Stop being overprotective, we're never be able to play the game!" Ashlie shouts.

"Alright, I'm following you," Nick says, ignoring Ashlie's statement.

"Why do I feel like I'm gonna end up getting all the generators?" Ashlie asks herself, finishing a generator.

"Wow, nice job Atlie," Jon says, getting put on the hook.

"NOPE NOT GONNA HAPPEN," Uni shouts, slashing at Nick while trying to save Jon.

"Bye Nick~" Jon says, struggling not to get stabbed by the spider legs that were coming down.

"No, not yet! The game just started!" Nick shouted, being put onto Uni's shoulder. Nick starts to laugh, looking at Jon next to him in the chair, spamming the space bar.

"What are you laughing at? You're spamming A and D," Jon states, looking at Nick's screen who was on Uni's shoulder, trying to wiggle out.

"Right..." Nick says, focusing back to the game.

"Jon I'll save you," Ashlie 'whispers' crouching her way up to Jon, taking him off before the spider legs got him.

"DON'T HEAL HIM, I'M GONNA DO IT WHEN I GET OVER THERE!" Nick exclaims, getting off of Uni's shoulder.

"AWW MAN!" Uni shouts, most likely salty. The creaking noise of a chair was heard on Uni's line.

"Oh, uh," A different voice was muttering on his side after he spoke. Uni's muffled voice was heard soon after that no one paid attention to.

"Oh hey," Uni's muffled voice said.

"Too late," Ashlie giggles, healing Jon.

"ASHLIE!" Nick shouts.

"Nick, stop screaming I'm right here!" Jon laughs. Nick growls and looks at Jon's screen.

"Nick, you need to be healed," Jon says, as Nick found his way over to the 2.

"How did Uni loose you again?" Ashlie laughs.

"He didn't move, now Jon come here," Nick says.

"I'm already healed, you come here," Jon says, starting to heal Nick.

"Alright, alright," Nick says, looking into Jon's eyes, Jon smiles.

"I love you~" Jon says, healing Nick fully. Nick sighs, but happily.

"I love you too, NOW LET'S GET THAT LAST GENERATOR!" Nick shouts, running away to the next generator.

"ONE MORREEE!" Jon shouts.

"Ashlie when did you get 2?" Nick asks.

"No, I got one, you finished the one Jon messed up, remember?" She answers.

"Oh yeah..." Nick says, starting on the generator with Jon. Jon then stops the generator and walks in a random direction.

"Atlie, Nick, I think Uni quit," They chuckle.

"Yeah, where is he?" Ashlie asks.

"HELLO? UNI?" Nick shouts, pronouncing his name; Oonie.

"Oh, is that Nick?" Cory's muffled voice was heard on Uni's side. A "Shh!" Was heard after he said that.

"Uh, yeah guys?" Uni asks.

"Was that Cory?" Ashlie then asks.

"UM NO," Uni answers quickly.

"Aww why you gotta lie about it?" Cory's low voice was heard on his side.

"UGH FINE! Yes it's Cory, and he's here," Uni says.

"Oohhhhh what we're you guys doing while we finished the last generator?" Nick asks.

"OH WAIT YOU FINISHED THE LAST GENERATOR?" Uni shouts, finally moving from his spot, last.

"Answer the question then you can find us," Ashlie chuckels.

"Making out," Cory answers for him. A slapping noise was heard on the other line.

"Did you just slap Cory?" Jon asks, concerned.

"No, he face palmed," Cory chuckles, slightly rubbing Uni's back.

"OH well, see ya!" Ashlie shouts, activating an exit.

"HAHA!" Jon exclaims running out with Nick. Who high fived each other.

"AWW MAN!" Uni exclaims. Cory chuckles and kisses Uni's forehead.

"Nice Jon!" Nick shouts, kissing Jon.

"D'awwww all the kisses going around," Ashlie chuckles.

"Well, night guys, I'm gonna go make out with Uni some more," Cory teases.

"CORY!" Uni shouts. Cory's chuckling was all that was heard before they hung up.

"Well, night y'all," Ashlie says, hanging up, then the call was over.

"Let's go to sleep Jon," Nick suggests, kissing Jon's forehead. Then all was silent.

(This isn't exactly the same as the one I did before, IT'S BETTER, but hope you enjoyed, Ask or Dare is gonna be uploaded tomorrow!)

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