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Fnaf x Aphmau x sky media x mystreet(discontinued) by LavenderPheonix_
Fnaf x Aphmau x sky media x Valra
Travis and aph have a secret. Only them, Ross, Adam, Barney, Shelby, Jin, Cory and max know about.... they are dead. Every one who knows about the secret Is too. Find ou...
Agents: The Phoenix Secret | completed by silv_is_elsewhere
Agents: The Phoenix Secret | moved
Following new arrivals (oh, and secret agents) Jessica, Adam, Shelby, Ross, Cory, Max, Jin and John as they've been assigned a mission in Phoenix Drop, the elusive "...
I Could Just Eat You Up {A "The Crafting Dead" Fanfiction} by oncehovie
I Could Just Eat You Up {A "The ♡ hovie ♡
"What a wicked, wicked world" ___ *Based off the Original AMC series, The Walking Dead, and the Minecraft Series by SGCBarbierian on Youtube, The Crafting Dead...
Scp harem X OP male reader: SCP's own hero by JustyTurner
Scp harem X OP male reader: SCP' New Kamen rider anime 555
The SCP foundation is a secret factory that the world never heard off. They contain creatures that may threaten the world and some end it. However there is only one SCP...
Sanity dreams (a shred squad fanfic) by nixon42
Sanity dreams (a shred squad AfterArtist
After a mass murder at a local highschool, the culprit still unknown, six traumatized kids and a robot are submitted to, Newscape asylum, home for those who need rehabil...
New Book of Random NSC stuff by the-pulls
New Book of Random NSC stuffby acab
Decided to get rid of the old one for some reason But this'll just be filled with whatever Read it if you wanna
Powerless or Powerful by Cat_De_Fox
Powerless or Powerfulby Kit Kat
Itsus superhero au They have defended this country for years. Supers of all kinds coming together to save it, but this unity was not meant to live forever. A new group o...
Cory x frisk giantess frisk  by csjacob0407
Cory x frisk giantess frisk by csjacob0407
Cory wakes up in the snow but he starts to find out the danger of the world but he finds out that not everyone can be the same as the others he can find the love he need...
incorrect shred {Newscapepro crack} by Loser__F
incorrect shred {Newscapepro crack}by Loser
Hey guy's, it's Spy. And I'm remaking the NewScapePro Randomness stuff, but I'm including THQ characters. This book is called "Incorrect shred!" (Used to be c...
The Cure To His Insanity |Newscapecomics Fanfiction by TylerArKTommrs
The Cure To His Insanity | Asymmetrical garbage
Screams, begging, his own darkly laughter. that's all he could hear. corpses, Bloodshed, chaos. that's all he could see. insane, blood thirsty. that's all he can feel...
Like Real People Do- A Shred Squad Book  by Cinder5554
Like Real People Do- A Shred Cinder5554
When a young highschooler by the name of Cory Crater mysteriously finds two necklaces buried under the ground in the middle of nowhere, his life is changed forever. Will...
Sanity tales [Rewrite of Sanity Dreams/Walkers] a ShredSquad Fanfic  by nixon42
Sanity tales [Rewrite of Sanity AfterArtist
If someone dies alone in an Asylum, with no one to find them, did it really happen? Cory, Tommy, Ashley, Nick, Uni, Jon and Dawn were all locked away in the infamous Ash...
"T H E    F A M I L Y"  {A NewScapeCrew AU} by Loser__F
"T H E F A M I L Y" {A Loser
This book is based off of the Mafiatale Murder videos Cory/NewScapePro did a little while ago. If someone hss created this AU already, I didn't know of it at the time hi...
Unique - Tommy X Reader (FrozenGargon) by MrsCassaWeird
Unique - Tommy X Reader ( 🙃
You're unique, a girl who sits on her roof when it rains, someone who lights a fire in the summer, someone who throws parties for just herself! A generous girl, with cur...
Dying Tears (on hold) by sky_loves_nutella
Dying Tears (on hold)by sky_is_Weird
Life isn't always as fun as it seems.....once you lose that special..that special light. Everything changes...... Everything [ I need a new description for this...
Newscapegang doodles by Anxious-Kid
Newscapegang doodlesby Toby
This is just some shitty book of all my doodles/drawings of the newscapepro gang and there will be drawings/doodles of the ships I like in the newscapegang there will be...
Undertale Cory X Frisk! Reader by ShadowMagyk
Undertale Cory X Frisk! Readerby ShadowMagyk
If you haven't watched NewScapePro's Undertale roleplay with littleshortysgs, then this book will spoil a few things. But I did REALLY feel that we all needed one of the...
The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ (Book 1 of the Arcane Powers) by PhoenixWritesFics
The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ ( Phoenix
THE ARCANE POWERS; BOOK 1 -- disclaimer: characters do not belong to me i wrote this as a prepubescent teenager please don't judge me -- The Evil is rising. Every deca...
100 kink challenge: Newscapepro by THE_catgirl14
100 kink challenge: Newscapeproby Neko
Ok so I have a one-shot book but I saw this and thought, let's do this. Please request ships for a day. I will do them just because I need serious help and have no socia...
I Have Lost Faith in Humanity. by Melonbird12
I Have Lost Faith in Arachnidz
The foundation's job is difficult, but according to them, necessary to aid humanity. But what happens when one of their highest ranking officers abandons his innocent an...