Day 4+13: NewScapeComics- On a Date

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(Timezone: High School)

Cory's P.O.V:

"Hey, Cory what'cha staring at?" Ashlie asks me, breaking my train of thought. I was staring at Uni, the new kid who transfered from the UK.

"Oh...nothing..." I lie. Ashlie smirks.

"Oh really? I bet you were staring at a certain blue haired, British fellow?" She giggles. I flush red.

"N-no, I don't even know him!" Which was a lie. I did know him a long time ago when he lived here as a kid. But that was just a trip here, and he ended up moving back to his hometown, the UK.

I noticed he always hung out with Dawn, could he be gay? Dawn was gay.

(I apologize for putting it so bluntly 😂)

There's no way Uni could be gay though, even though I am bisexual.

"HELLO? EARTH TO CARL?" Tommy shouts, walking up to out table.

I flinch, Tommy is really loud sometimes.

"Oh hey Tom," Jon smiles.

"Hi Tommy," Nick smiles.

"Huh? OH, HEY TOM," Ashlie shouts. I chuckle. Seeing Nick blush a bit when Tommy arrived.

"Wow, you okay Nick? You look a bit red," I smirk, as Tommy sat next to Nick. I knew Nick liked Tom. Nick glares at me.

"What are you talking about Cory? I'm perfectly fine," his face gets redder with anger. I chuckle.

"Well then, I'm sure you won't mind if I sat in between you and Tommy?" I ask.

"But, I just got here, this is my seat now," Tommy says turning pinkish. I laugh.

"Alright, suit yourselves," I say, looking back over at Uni who was looking at us.

"Hey Cory, why don't you ask Uni to hang out with us?" Ashlie offers. I shrug and walk over to where he was. Dawn wasn't with him anymore. My perfect opportunity.

"Hey, Uni right?" I ask him, I knew his name was Uni but I didn't wanna seem like a stalker. He smiles at me and nods. Guess he doesn't remember me that much.

"Yup, that's me! You're Cory right?" He smiles, turning pinkish. Oh my god, his British accent is ADORABLE, okay, don't mess this up Cory.

"Yeah! I.. Uh... I see you hung out with Dawn,"

I chuckle to hide me embarrassment.

"Um, would you wanna hang out with me and my friends sometime? All the time?" I mutter the last part.

"Yeah sure! I'd love to! But what was that last part?" He asks. My face turns red.

"Oh, Er nothing, come on, I'm gonna introduce you to my friends!" I save, walking over to our table that Jon had just gotten up to.

"Oh hey Jon," Uni says. Jon smiles once he sees me and Uni.

"Wait Jon you know him?" I ask Jon, looking from him to Uni. Jon smiles.

"Oh, yeah! We met online before he moved here!" I nod.

"So you guys are friends?" I ask, looking at Uni.

"Yeah, I hung out with him a bit, well from the time I had," Uni says.

"Well, I'm Ashlie, this is Nick and Tommy," Ashlie mentions, Tommy and Nick, who weren't paying attention to Uni and just blushing.

"Well then you wouldn't mind hanging out with us?" Ashlie butts in. Of course, Ashlie and her nosy business.

"No, not at all, I'd love to hang out with you guys!" Uni smiles. Why is his British accent so CUTE!

"Well, we're all going to get ice cream later, wanna come?" Ashlie asks Uni. Wait we were getting ice cream and she didn't tell me?

Then Ashlie winks at me, She was probably gonna put me and Uni on a blind date or something.

"Sure! I could go for some ice cream, when are you guys going?" Uni asks.

"How 'bout tonight at 6?" Ashlie suggests, looking at me in the eye, A look that says go with it, I'm trying to help you here.

"Yeah! I'll be there," Uni smiles. I shake my head, snapping back into reality.

"Hey, I could pick you up walk with you to the ice cream parlor," I suggest, smiling. He looks at me, blushing and smiling.

"Oh, yeah! Sure," he says. I may be crazy but I swear, his British accent is getting cuter.


Then the bell rang, we all got up and dispersed to our classes. Uni followed me, we most likely had the same class.

Uni caught up to me and smiled.

"So, if they don't show up, is it a date?" Uni asks me. My face goes red, I didn't expect him to say that.

"O-Oh, it c-can be..." I stutter, smiling afterwards. Great job Cory, he made you stutter.

Well of course he made me stutter! He's being really cute!

We sit down at two desks next to each other and wait for the long period and day to be over.
time skip to date because that's what this entire thing is about•

"Ashlie! I can't do it, I literally just met him today! And you're already putting us on a date?" I whisper shouted at Ashlie, we were in the bushes outside of the ice cream parlour. She and Jon were spying on me and Uni.

"You like him don't you?"


"THEN JUST GO WITH IT!" She whisper shouts and pushes me to meet Uni.

"Oh hey, what ice cream flavor do you want?" Uni asks me, casually. I blink, and jump back into reality.

"Oh, vanilla is fine, wait you're not paying!" I realize, pulling out my wallet.

"Why not?" He asks, taking my wallet out of my hand and raises his eyebrow. If I'm gonna be honest that's cute. I start to blush.

"Uh, because you didn't invite me, this is our date- Er... what do you want to call this?" I ask. He smiles.

"A date is fine, and I'm paying,"he says, handing my wallet back to me.

I turn to Ashlie and Jon, wide eyed. Ashlie was giving me two thumbs up and Jon's eyes were sparkling. 

I chuckle to myself and order my ice cream with Uni. 

"So, Cory... this might sound weird seeming as we just met, but I really like you Cory," Uni smiles at me as we eat our ice cream as we walk.

I start to blush for like the fourth time today.

"I-I like you too, Uni," I smile at him. We stop as we reach his house.

"Thank you Cory," he says, leaning in close and planting a kiss on my lips.

"Good night," he says, opening the door to his house, and dissapearing inside.

"NICE JOB CORY!" Ashlie and Jon's voice were heard from a bush in the distance. 

(A/N, and edit from the last time: What you think I don't go back and edit my old stories? NO, but mostly because there are a lot of errors in my stories that I didn't find before I posted them. Anyway sorry for any other weird story errors, I know some words are mixed up here and there, but just blame my terrible patience and editing skills)

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