Day 1: Holding Hands- Zron (A Convention Pt. 2)

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Nick's P.O.V:

Me and Jon, walking around PAX, holding hands, made lots of fans squeal as they saw us, well, holding hands.

"Nick are you sure we should keep this up?" Jon stops walking and asks me.

"What do you mean?" I ask, assuming he meant not being together.

"Well I mean, holding hands, there were tons of fans screaming when they saw you and I holding hands..." he replies looking down.

I smile and make him look up at me.

"Jon, I love you, and I know that if fans scream, that means they are fangirling, which means they enjoy seeing us holding hands." I say calmly. He smiles too.

"Well I mean I don't want to cause any trouble..." Jon says, his smile fading.

"Jon it's fine, we can keep walking," I say, trying to lift his spirits by kissing his forehead before we continue walking.

"When do you wanna meet up with Ashlie?" I ask as we continue to walk, hand in hand.

"Anytime is fine, even though I'd want to spend more time with you," he whispered the last part but I could hear it clearly.

After he said that I could hear someone sounding like they were about to explode. I stopped and turned around, Jon turning around as well.

There was a small little girl with a wide smile, wide white glasses and a matching big bow on her head. Her red hair made it seem like she was on fire.

(Any person to guess who this child is, has good guessing skills)

"Um... Hello?" I chuckle.

"Hi! You're Nick, right?" The little girl asks. I smile.

"Yes I am, I'm assuming you're a fan?" I ask, Jon was smiling, he looked like he was trying to keep in laughter.

She smiles wider, if that was even possible.

"Yes I am a huge fan! WAIT IS THAT JON?!?!" She exclaims, finally looking at Jon.

Jon finally let the laughter out. I smiled at that. He had to breath a while to be able to answer this little girl. She looked very anxious to hear the answer.

Jon eventually got to answering.

"Yes, this is Jon," he smiles at the little girl. Her her eyes grow wide and she looks like she was about to burst into tears.

"JON!! Yes! I was wishing to see you at PAX! I'm so happy now!" She squeals.

Her face was as red as her hair at this point. Jon was smiling. No one reacted like this towards Jon this whole trip.

Jon looks at me,probably about to say something off about this girl.

"How has she not noticed we were holding hands?" Jon whispers to me as he let's go.

I shrug and look back at the girl who was looking around us.

"No Ashlie?" She asks, tilting her head a bit. The way she said it made Jon chuckle.

"Nah, she's off finding her real boyfriend," I answer. Her eyes widen.

"Ashlie has a boyfriend? Huh.. never would've guessed..." She says, rubbing her chin.

"Hey, you're a pretty interesting fan, probably one of the most talkative ones we've met so far, all they've done is ask for a picture then walk away," Jon tells the little girl, kneeling down a bit.

Her eyes almost sparkle.

"Why thank you! I'm glad I can be known as a loyal fan." She says, looking up with pride.

"So, you know our names what's yours?" I decide to ask.

She smiles.

"It's Sasha! I normally go by Sashalashadingdong though..." (cOuGh cOuGh, ToO lAtE iT'S mE) She says. Jon's back goes straight.

"Hey, I think I've seen that name in a comment before!" Jon says.

"Really? Well that was me!" She squeals.

"I always wondered about being labeled as a fan instead of a friend... fans can be friends too right?" She asks, looking up at us in a sad way.

Jon smiles at her.

"You know what, yeah! Do you have a Skype?" He asks.

She nods.

"Good! Do you happen to have any paper and a pencil on you?" Jon asks.

She started to look confused at this point.

"Yeah why?" She asks, taking off her backpack, pulling out a notebook, tearing out a piece of paper and taking out a pencil.

"Write your Skype username on there and we can talk as much as you want! Well unless I don't reply of course..." Jon chuckles.

When he said that, Sasha looked like she was about to burst into happy tears. Seeing how happy she was made me want to give her mine too.

"You know what, I have a Skype too, we can talk too! And if you're lucky enough, we can get Ashlie to add You," I say with a smile.

Tears started to form in her eyes but she noticed and only one tear fell. She smiles at us.

"Thank you two so much! I could never be happier!" She said then hugged us both individually.

I smiled.

"Wanna picture?" I ask.

She nodded rapidly at that.

"Yes I would love a picture!" She exclaims.

Jon pulls out pulls out his phone but Sasha had hers out first.

"I want it on mine first," She says.

Jon shrugs and we all took the selfies, Jon had to hold it because Sasha's arms were too short.

"Thanks for the pictures, I have to get going now, my mom might get worried, and tell Ashlie I said Hi, and I love her!" She exclaims as she ran off.

She walked right next to a girl with brown hair and a sketchbook in hand.

I smiled and turned to Jon and grasped his hand.

He smiled, I kissed his forward and dragged him along.

"Let's go find Ashlie!" I exclaim, and we walk off.

(Yes that was a gigantic easter egg, the little girl was me, Sasha. And the Brown haired girl with the sketchbook was my friend, I'm not saying her name though, she doesn't have wattpad. ;-; anyway forgive that easter egg, I love them so much that's probably what I'd hope to happen if I met them IRL, but that's never gonna happen, HAHA! (;-;)

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