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NewScapeCrew: One Shots!! by SashaLashaDingDong
NewScapeCrew: One Shots!!by ✨unactive✨
(Read rules down below) What the title implies! I will be taking requests from people, if I didn't this wouldn't have many chapters to this day. I enjoy seeing people's...
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30 Day OTP Challenge!  by SashaLashaDingDong
30 Day OTP Challenge! by ✨unactive✨
The theme is NewScapeCrew! I have a list of 30 themes, and if I finish, I will get another one (off of google) and if finish all those, I'll get another and so on, (if I...
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Imaginary Friends  by IHaveNoCleanShirts
Imaginary Friends by k a i
-Cover made by my friend Wendy, it's not mine- There is an imaginary friend and a child. They're probably closer than any others, closer than the child's mother wants th...
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The Good Old Days - NewscapeSquad Fanfic by Sapphire_Skie
The Good Old Days - NewscapeSquad...by Sapphire Sky
A group of good good friends must survive an apocalypse, killers and each other. People thirst for power, but what powers do the squad have that people want? To stay saf...
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NewscapeCrew OneShots by Ishiko_marissa
NewscapeCrew OneShotsby Ishiko_Marissa
Newscapecrew oneshots. Plz request things. Thx.
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Newscapecrew Oneshots! by soggy_waffleee
Newscapecrew Oneshots!by waffle❤
Heyo, Pastel here! I'm here today with some oneshots for the Newscapecrew! Any ship is allowed in my book, so not hate 'kay? I'll start out with a few of my favorite shi...
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• NewScapeCrew Oneshots! • by NewScapeLyn
• NewScapeCrew Oneshots! •by NewScapeSocks
The cover is mine, I spent my time on making that.
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Ask or Dare The Newscapegang and the D-gang. by An_Akward_Alien
Ask or Dare The Newscapegang and t...by Akwardly Akward
Night:*Points to Title* Author~Chan: Give an actual summary? Naw. Ask or Dare: Cory, Uni, Nick, Jon, Dawn, Ashlie, Tommy, Dory, Duni, Dick, Don, DDawn, Dashlie, and Dom...
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Zron Oneshots :3 by TirenTheDemonShifter
Zron Oneshots :3by TirenTheDemonShifter
Ok this is my first ever time MAKEING a book but I tend to read this stuff offen if I get any words wrong can you maybe tell me? Other than that I think that's all I got...
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MusicTube by purple_cyborg
MusicTubeby mithzanlover764
Guess who's back,back again?
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