Day 24: Gazing Into Each Other's Eyes-

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(I thought writing only one thing about this theme would be too short so I'm just gonna write a some quick small shorts about this. Hopefully it goes well!)

First Ship: Zron (of course)

Jon's P.O.V:

I woke up to a soft feeling on my face. It felt like soft lips; lips only I would be familiar with. As soon as I recognized them as lips, I figured it was the love of my life, Nick. Waking me up with kisses, he knew that was my weakness. I decided to keep my eyes closed just to mess with him. I heard him whine quietly, it made me shake with laughter but no noise came out of my mouth.

"Wake upppp," he whined quietly in my ear. I shivered due to the contact between his mouth and my ear, he was close to nipping at the side of it.

"Noooo..." I whined back, turning over in the bed so we could not make eye contact (Even though that's supposed to be what it's about--)

"Yesss," he whispered back, tickling my sides. My weak spot. I squealed as I squirmed around and began to laugh wildly.

"nOOOOO!!!" I shouted. He continued to tickle me.

"Open your eyes!!" He shouted back. This is a bad way to wake me up in the morning. I liked the kisses method better...

"FinE!! Stop the tickles!" I shouted after I peeked one eye open. I had to rub both if my eyed after they had felt like they had been glued shut. I opened my eyes to see a pink faced Nick, practically pinning me to the bed.

"Good morning~" he purred.

"Finally, you open your eyes," he continued, raising an eyebrow at me. I giggled as we continued to make eye contact.

"I just wanted to have a serious conversation with you," he said. I tilted my head, confused.

"Well then... Go ahead. I don't see why we needed to have a serious conversation after you tICKLED ME BY WAKING ME UP," I exclaimed in his face. He chuckled.

"Okay, okay, serious time," Jon said as Nick nodded. Nick waited a few minutes before saying anything so the two simply stared at each other.

Two bros

Staring at each other

5 inches close

Cuz they are gay

(I'm sorry-)

"I was wondering Jon..." Nick said, breaking the eye contact.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Nick asked as he made eye contact once again with Jon. Jon sighed and pushed Nick off of him, getting out of bed.

"Heyy!!!" Nick whined, getting off of the bed as well.

"What's wrong? Come back!!!" Nick whined after Jon.

"tHAT'S NOT A SERIOUS CONVERSATION NICK, I WANNA GO BACK TO SLEEP," Jon shouted from downstairs. Nick ran after Jon and found him on the couch. Nick sat on top of Jon once more and put their noses together until Jon opened his eyes. After a while of Nick just staring at Jon and watching him pout, Jon opened his eyes. They stayed cuddled like that for an hour before Nick started making breakfast.


Okay, I'm stealing a prompt and adding to it, this prompt is written by the amazing daisylib rEAD HER BOOKS SHE'S SO MUCH BETTER AT WRITING THAN ME HECC-

~(This one is NewScapeComics)~

Ashlie and Cory walked outside, watching Uni sit peacefully in the grass. Doing something with his hands as he was staring down at the grass, he was also surrounded by flowers.

"Um.. Ashlie?" Cory asked, turning to her. Ashlie looked away from watching Uni to look at him.

"Hmm?" She hummed as a reply.

"What is he doing? He has been sitting in that spot and coming back with more flowers for two hours now," Cory asked, kind of concerned for his friend.

"Oh, did you not hear him? He said he was going outside to make matching flower crowns for him and his crush," Ashlie said, finishing the sentence with a singsong voice.

"Psh... That's stupid. And pretty gay. Who would want a flower crown anyway?" Cory muttered to Ashlie. Then, Uni walked over to the two with a flower crown in his hand and one on his head. Cory admitted it in his head; Uni looked adorably gay in a flower crown. Uni looked up at Cory and smiled while Ashlie sneaked back inside.

"Uh... This is for you, Cory!" He said nervously, handing out the flower crown to Cory. Cory simply stared at the flower crown then deeply into Uni's amber eyes. Ashlie said Uni was making the flower crown... For his crush. Cory was Uni's crush. Cory took the flower crown and quickly put it on, as Uni went back to his spot on the grass, Ashlie quickly ran back outside.

"I thought you said flower crowns are stu-" Ashlie whispered to Cory, as she got cut off by Cory himself.

"Whatever. This is my flower crown now and if you make fun of it I'll kill you. Go back inside now," Cory said, walking up to Uni to his spot on the grass.

"So... Ashlie said you were making to flower crown for your crush... I'm wearing the flower crown... So.... Does that mean...?" Cory trailed off as he looked into Uni's eyes waiting for him to look back at him. After a while of silence, Uni finally looked up at Cory. His face flushed a bright red.

"Yeah... You figured it out," Uni replied with a chuckle. Cory saw that his eyes were brimmed with tears. After examining that, a tear fell down Uni's cheek.

"Hey hey hey!! Don't cry! Here, I'll take you somewhere special," Cory quickly replied, putting his hand out, waiting for Uni to grab it.

"O-oh.. Okay," Uni finally said, the two looked into each other's eyes as Uni finally grabbed Cory's hand. Cory led Uni on a journey as the two walked and walked, and held each other's hands tight. Uni and Cory kept glancing at one another, trying to not make the other notice.

"Here we are," Cory said after they had walked about a block down the street from Ashlie's house. Uni was tired but it was worth it because he got to hold hands with Cory the entire time. Cory continued to lead Uni up a hill until they had reached a peak. The sun had set and the stars were close to coming out. They sat down near the edge (but not too far) and looked into the sunset. Cory squeezed Uni's hand, making Uni look over at him. The two gazed into each others eyes (like the title says they're supposed to but I'm bad at writing-)instead of looking at the sunset like Cory intended to do. But Cory liked this option better. Cory leaned in slowly, as Uni only continued to stare into Cory's eyes (wait... LenSe???) Cory leaned in, and Uni finally got the point... So he made it quicker and their lips collided.


I made this prompt suck :^) *both of them, the one Lib did and the theme it gave me-

Well the next one is marriage. So I'll be doing a replacement for that- bUT one prompt is a marriage prompt lol

Okay good night, I'll try to upload more I promise but I have to get sleep because I have a field trip tomorrow ;0 (sorry if these sucked, no edits were involved)

Okie bye now-


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