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(If any of you guys are confused,I skipped 7 because, WAY to difficult for me. Sorry if someone really wanted that. Also I'm going to do a really big easter egg *cough cough* me) (you'll understand why I put that specific video once you get to the end)

Uni's P.O.V (that's a shocker):

"CORY!!! SLOW DOWN!" I shout after my boyfriend who was pulling on my wrist, dragging me throughout the mall.

"We need to get to all the stores before we're late for Froyo!" Cory whined. We were all at the mall, shopping in groups. Ashlie went with Jon, and Nick went with Tommy.

(Don't judge my paring ples)

We all shopped together once we arrived but we decided to spilt up and then meet up for Froyo at 3. It was 2.

"Can you just slow down?" I ask him calmly.

"Yeah, I guess we can," he sighed and squeezed my hand. I smiled.

"Can we find an art store?" I pleaded. He raised an eyebrow then smiled.

"Alright, alright," he answers, dragging me along the place.

"Do you know where the 'art store' is?" He asked me.

"I don't know, we can walk into some random stores if you'd like," I answered, shrugging.

(This is a sign that the author is getting no creative ideas whatsoever other than "froyo")

"Oooohh, a candle store," I point out, walking towards it; bringing Cory with me this time.

"A candle store?" Cory questions with a laugh. I glare at him playfully.

"What? They have really weird candle names," I point out; I didn't wait for him, and simply walked right in. I heard him sigh, but he followed me.

"Hey see look at this one," I look closely at one of the candle names and show it to Cory.

"Fresh ocean," it read.

"I guess they must need new scents," Cory said with a shrug. I chuckled at that. We spent a few minutes in the candle store, laughing at the names, I was smelling them. Cory simply cared about the silly names.

"Should we go get some clothes?" Cory suggests, most likely being impatient.

"Sure, do you want some new clothes?" I ask.

(Again, sign I'm running out of ideas...)

"No, but now that I think about it I might remember where an art store is," he answers.

I could've tackled him right then. Instead of doing so, I walked slowly towards him and grabbed both his hands.

"Take me there~" I whispered. He might have found that cute because he ended up blushing afterwards.

"Okay, since we don't have much other places to go," Cory answers, ignoring the blush spread across his face.

As we walked I checked out the little shops in the middle of the walkways. Cory got me a key chain.

"This reminds me of Uni-Chan," Cory said as he glanced at the key chain. It really did. It was a schoolgirl with blue hair. Except not styled like mine.

I smiled at the key chain and hugged Cory's waist. He got startled for a second then looked down and stroked my hair. I stood up and we continued to walk together.

(Here comes the boring easter egg, you can skip this if you don't wanna hear it, just so you know, it lists some InSaNe facts about me)

On a couple of lounge chairs area, I saw a small girl, wearing what seemed to be a Uni-Chan shirt! She looked to be about 11.

"Hey Cory, look," I pointed at the girl. He looked at her and noticed the Uni-Chan shirt. He smiled and walked towards her. She had a phone out.

"Hello there," I say the first words to her. A look of worry appeared on her face before she looked up at me. Then when she did her eyes literally sparkled. I heard her gasp.

"Are you the real Unicomics and NewScapePro?" She asks, her voice low. Cory smiles and nods at the girl. She smiles brightly.

"No way! I love this shirt, by the way," She says, stretching out the Uni-Chan T-shirt.

"Igou," I say in my Uni-Chan voice. She giggled, her one side of frizzy red hair bounced up and down.

"What's your name?" Cory asks.

"Sasha, and I already know you two," She smiles. My guessing, she was 11. Cory looks at the time on his phone. It was 2:46.

"I'd hate to cut this short but, we're meeting the others," Cory explains to Sasha. Her smile still stays bright on her face.

"It's no problem, go on ahead! It was great meeting you guys," She says happily. I smile back at her.

"It was great meeting you too, Sasha," I say, walking off slowly with Cory, our hands intertwined. I could see her staring at our hands in the corner of my eye. She looked like she was about to explode.

"Guys over here!" We heard Tommy's voice call. We looked around and saw them all gathered at a table with froyo in their hands. Well except Tommy.

"Tom, where's your froyo?" Cory asked him. Tommy glared at him. Nick chuckled and out an arm around Tommy.

"In that one dead by daylight video we did, Ashlie asked us what kind of froyo we liked, Tommy had a flip out," Nick explains. Cory and I laugh.

"I remember that," I say. Cory chuckles with pride.

"I was in that one," he puffs out his chest. I pat him on the back and we then got our froyo.

(Sorry for confusing you guys for skipping 7, I just didn't want to do it ;-; also I don't actually have the Uni-Chan T-shirt I thought it would be cool to fantisie)

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