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(So sorry if this is short! I was kinda busy with the THQ with ships book)

"Cory!" Uni shouts throughout their house. He had just came home from a potion store, he had gotten a special potion to add animal ears to Cory's head. Depending on what appears on his head when he throws the potion at him. Why? Since Uni's minecraft skin is a pug, Cory likes to tease.

As Uni calls for Cory to come downstairs, he hides the potion behind his back as he emerges from the upstairs level.

"Hey," Cory said calmly as he was walking down. He almost tripped as Uni suddenly threw the potion by his feet, making it spill all over him.

"Agh! What...?" Cory says, mist from the potion spread over him and wolf ears popped right out of his head. Uni stared at the ears popping out of Cory's head. Cory on the other hand, did not enjoy that, he was very confused at what Uni was staring at.

"Um... Uni? You okay?" Cory asks him. Uni slowly walks forward, reaching atop Cory's head. Cory felt as well, he felt the fur of the ears and flinched. Uni just smiled, eyes sparkling.

"What the.... how did these things get on my head?!" Cory asks as he feels the ears.

"Um, I may have thrown that potion on you to grow animal ears on your head," Uni blurts out. Cory's eyes widened. 

"But don't worry! They won't stay there forever, they'll only last for a couple hours," Uni  blushes. Cory sighed and looked at Uni who was blushing. 

"Do I have a tail?" Cory asks, turning around. He indeed had a tail attached to his behind. Uni's eyes widened and his blush grew on his face. 

"Haha, yeah," Uni says, slowly walking to their couch and plopping himself down on his couch. Cory follows him and lays himself onto Uni's lap. Uni smiles and plays with Cory's hair. 

"Now, what're YOU doing?" Uni says playfully. Cory laughs and "boops" Uni on the nose. Uni gasps and pets Cory's hair. Cory whimpers a little when Uni stops, Uni chuckles and continues to pet his hair. Cory slowly closes his eyes and drifts off o sleep ontop of Uni. 

half an hour later~~ (bonus scene! I was planning on publishing like this, but it didn't meet my satisfaction so here is a smol bonus scene, not that smol tho) 

The sound of knocking on a door awoke Cory. Uni however, slowly placed Cory's head on the couch instead of his body on Uni. Uni kissed Cory's, half asleep face and walked over to open the door. It was.... the whole crew...? They all had animal ears! Ashlie with cat ears, Jon with big bunny ears sticking out of his jester's hat, Tommy with rounded ears, looking like monkey ears, and Nick with wearwolf ears. Uni smiled at them, but now Uni was the only one without animal ears. 

"Hey, guys, I uh see your animal ears, what is it animal ear day or something?" Uni asks, (CoUgh CoUgh) Wait, are they furries? What even are furries, that Cory's been talking about? Uni thinks to himself. The crew said nothing. Ashlie, who was at the front of the doorstep, held up a potion, something read "Fur, potion" Uni looked at it, puzzled. Before he could say anything an evil smirk grew on Ashlie's face as she threw the potion at Uni. 

"Agh! What the heck Ashlie!" Uni shouted, waking Cory from his slumber. The crew at the doorstep all started laughing. It actually was Animal Ear day, Uni didn't know it was a thing. (Thus this title) From the couch, Cory stood up and walked towards the doorway. 

"Uni, are you okay? Um, hey guys...?" Cory says/ asks, looking from Uni to the crew with animal ears at the doorway. Uni went from human to a furry, in his pug form. The entire crew was laughing, at Uni's salty pug face. 

(I was gonna end it there like a normal author, without an A/N at the end, but once I was done with the entire thing, it had 666 words... and the day I was finishing this up was Friday the 13th.... and that morning my A or D book hit over 666 reads... AaAh sAtaN iS cOmIng For ME pLS hELp) 

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