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(Writing about an argument is too hard... So sorry if I didn't do a requested theme)

(Warning: These are from Pinterest and  will be really bad clichés)

(Both stories are 

College AU

Theme: I really hate you but you have the highest grades in the class and I need help.

(This is college, I don't know how it works.... sooooooo I'm gonna mess a lot of things up)

Tommy's  P.O.V

Our professor handed back the test grade from last week..... I did awful... There was a big fat F on the page staring back at me. There was only one person that I knew who is a smart nerd and always got A's; my roommate Nick. I sighed as class was soon dismissed. Everyone rose from their seats and walked out of the classroom, eager to go home for the day. I walked in the direction of my dorm, as I saw Nick, also walking in the same direction. I took a deep breath, walked after Nick at a faster pace; he turned around, hearing my footsteps.

It would be hard for me to ask him... because we basically hate each other. Well... I will admit, I have been picking on him for being so smart, but I will also admit that he is super handsome. Oh yeah, I'm also very gay... that's hard being in college, and pretty much all of your classmates are hot. 

As Nick turned to look at me, he looked shocked and scared. My own roommate was afraid of me... How nice. I'm not even that buff, Nick and I are basically the same height and he's afraid of me? 

"Heyyyy, roomie.~ Look, I know I've been teasing you a lot, and I know you probably hate me because of that, but you have the highest grades in the class and I need help because I am suffering, I also think you're pretty cute and I want you to not be afraid of me," I said, muttering the last part as I rubbed the back of my neck nervously. He looks at me, his head tilted. Gosh darn it... why does he have to be so darn cute...? He smiles. 

"Uh, Y-yeah sure!" he said, happily. Why did he look so happy to help me...?  DID HE HEAR THE LAST THING I SAID?! I exhale with relief as I grab him by the arm so our arms were linked. I heard him gasp (it was cute) as I took his arm. I smiled at him as I skipped, taking him with me, in the direction of our dorm. 

"C'mon roomie," I said cheerfully. I may or may not have had a crush on him for a long time now.. despite teasing him, he still is adorable in all the ways possible. 

As we arrived at our dorm, I opened the door for him, like the gentleman I am. I purred an, "After you," as he walked inside, giggling like a child. 

We sat down on our couch as he took out the notes we are supposed to write in class along with a textbook. 

"Why do you think you're doing so awful?"  Nick asks me, looking concerned. Because I have a cutie in my class and I can't focus on anything else but you, is what I wanted to say but couldn't because he thinks I hate him. Instead, I hesitated. 

"U-uh, because the professor is boring, and I-I hate the subject anyway... so I just get distracted," I trailed off. I almost slipped and said the truth. Instead of listening to the lectures and lessons... I stare at Nick. I'm not getting past college, why did I even come here in the first place? I could've been staying at home playing video games for a living with Cory. I went back to reality as Nick was chuckling. 

"Oh really? It's not because you look at me instead of focusing on looking at the teacher?" He asked, a smug look in his eyes. Oh shoot, I've been caught! I hesitated, a lot. What do I say to that?!? 

"U-Uhh nO, ToTaLly NoT... hAha... I look at the teacher.... and not you... because you're sitting in the front near the teacher.. y-you probably think I'm looking at you... but I just stare off into space. Plus Ahem the teacher is h-hot," I lied. The professor is female. Yeah, she would be found good looking by some creepy male student, who's looking forward to being illegal and hit on his teacher. The smug look disappeared out of Nick's brown eyes. He believed my lie! But why does he look so sad? Does he like me back? He cleared his throat and opened the notebook to a random page. In the top right corner, that I happened to see very clearly was my name in cursive, surrounded by hearts. I raised an eyebrow at that. Nick looked confused, as he had not noticed the drawing he had done in the past on the corner. He finally looked to see, and he quickly turned red and covered it up. It was far too late for Nick to have covered it up, I had seen enough. This cutie likes me back. 


I'm ending it there because I have another one I wanna do. You know how I mentioned a creepy kid being illegal and hitting on their teacher? Well, that's gonna happen in this one with Frozres (Also I hope you liked the other one -w-) 

I'm sorry, I've read many many MANy {insert most popular Eddsworld ship here} one-shots with this AU and it seems so fun to write so I wanna give it a try. 

(Teacher! Nick) 

~Tommo's P.O.V~

I walked into class, we were to get a new teacher today for math class. My least favorite subject. I walked inside, the door directly next to the teacher's desk, just my luck. I looked up from looking at my shoes as I walked. The teacher was unbelievably hot. His deep brown eyes, that chiseled jawline with a well-trimmed beard. I almost drooled (but didn't, luckily)  as I continued to stare at him for so long. I stared at him for so long, the bell ended up ringing. Even though I was staring at him, I didn't realize him look at me back. 

"Um... gonna come inside, buddy?" He asked me. His voice was just as amazing as the rest of his body. I shuddered, and then quickly nodded, shuffling inside. My seat was always in the back, so I had to walk past a bunch of kids who were staring at me. I was the oldest in this school, almost 20 because of getting held back for all my bad grades. I was hoping this would be the year I get out of this place, but now I don't know if I want to leave if this hottie of a teacher is staying here. 

"Hello, class my name is Mr. Shatton. I don't deal with bad students so please, don't do awfully in my class," He announced. I already know I'm not gonna be able to focus. I will need him as my private tutor. 


I'm gonna do another random shorts on my one shot book so leave OTP prompts or something in the comments so you can see that over there! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed those really bad mini-shots. And g'bye


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