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Sanity dreams (a shred squad fanfic) by nixon42
Sanity dreams (a shred squad fanfi...by AfterArtist
After a mass murder at a local highschool, the culprit still unknown, six traumatized kids and a robot are submitted to, Newscape asylum, home for those who need rehabil...
New Book of Random NSC stuff by the-pulls
New Book of Random NSC stuffby acab
Decided to get rid of the old one for some reason But this'll just be filled with whatever Read it if you wanna
The Cure To His Insanity |Newscapecomics Fanfiction by TylerArKTommrs
The Cure To His Insanity |Newscape...by Asymmetrical garbage
Screams, begging, his own darkly laughter. that's all he could hear. corpses, Bloodshed, chaos. that's all he could see. insane, blood thirsty. that's all he can feel...
Like Real People Do- A Shred Squad Book  by Cinder5554
Like Real People Do- A Shred Squad...by Cinder5554
When a young highschooler by the name of Cory Crater mysteriously finds two necklaces buried under the ground in the middle of nowhere, his life is changed forever. Will...
"T H E    F A M I L Y"  {A NewScapeCrew AU} by Loser__F
"T H E F A M I L Y" {A NewScap...by Loser
This book is based off of the Mafiatale Murder videos Cory/NewScapePro did a little while ago. If someone hss created this AU already, I didn't know of it at the time hi...
Unique - Tommy X Reader (FrozenGargon) by MrsCassaWeird
Unique - Tommy X Reader (FrozenGar...by 🙃
You're unique, a girl who sits on her roof when it rains, someone who lights a fire in the summer, someone who throws parties for just herself! A generous girl, with cur...
100 kink challenge: Newscapepro by THE_catgirl14
100 kink challenge: Newscapeproby Neko
Ok so I have a one-shot book but I saw this and thought, let's do this. Please request ships for a day. I will do them just because I need serious help and have no socia...
Imaginary Friends  by lampsarecalm
Imaginary Friends by logan
-Cover made by my friend Wendy, it's not mine- There is an imaginary friend and a child. They're probably closer than any others, closer than the child's mother wants th...
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NewScapeCrew: One Shots!! by SashaLashaDingDong
NewScapeCrew: One Shots!!by author, who?
(Read rules down below) What the title implies! I will be taking requests from people, if I didn't this wouldn't have many chapters to this day. I enjoy seeing people's...
Newscapepro crew one-shots by THE_catgirl14
Newscapepro crew one-shotsby Neko
I got bored and I have to many ships. Please request ships.
Ask the Jons! (A Multiverse Story/Ask or Dare Book) by ThaumWriting
Ask the Jons! (A Multiverse Story...by ThaumWriting
Jon (Nick and Jon show) is asked by Nick to go into his basement, only to find there is more than one of him! Now all they can do is sit down and answer your questions...
Tommy x reader  by Kawaiitrash262
Tommy x reader by KawaiiTrash
This is about the newscapegang and you are corys sister who just happens to run into him while walking home. What happens when you fall in love with one of his best frie...
Origins of Olympus and THQ/Rosethorn fanart and stuff by godforsookme
Origins of Olympus and THQ/Rosetho...by godforsookme
What can i say- i am a simple man. I see nice plot, i draw.
NewScapeSquad on Crack! by FallSky19
NewScapeSquad on Crack!by FallSky
A book where Cory, Uni, Ashlie, Tommy, Dawn, Jon, and TWITTER FAMOUS NICHOLAS SCHATZKI (FOLLOW HIM!) being crazily weird in a good way!
Becoming One Of Them (Tommy x Reader) by Wolfie0313
Becoming One Of Them (Tommy x Read...by Wolfie0313
"Everyone welcome the new student!" The teacher exclaimed pointing at me. She motioned me to stand up. I felt sick doing so. "What's your name sweethea...
AU Madness by GalaxinaGrace
AU Madnessby Galaxina Grace
With a freak accident, Cory has been hit with an unstable ray. Simultaneously, Cory from all of the AUs that have been created also have been hit with the same unstablen...
My Competitive Player (Zres x Reader) by RainbowGaming
My Competitive Player (Zres x Read...by (⌒▽⌒)
I saw there aren't many Zres x Reader's Soooo I decided to do one. Also not smut or lemon Your name is (Y/N) and your a YouTuber and you have 50,000 subscribers an...
Donchard One-Shots! by LilytheLamia
Donchard One-Shots!by LilytheLamia
Little snippets between Don and Dres/Dick from the Hardcore Quest by Unicomics! I don't own any of the characters mentioned in this story! New cover by CrystalNoteSkies...
~ Newscapecrew x Reader ~ by TheOneAndOnlyPotato1
~ Newscapecrew x Reader ~by **☆〜♥︎Potato♥︎〜☆~**
This book is about Netscapepro and his friends. You guys can leave suggestions about what you would like to read about! And I might be writing some Lemons but I'll make...