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The 100 Kink Challenge  by Galaxygirl045
The 100 Kink Challenge by Jazzy
Writing this for fun with @Pixielite. Ships mostly newscapepro and friends.
  • newscapecrew
  • kink
  • boyxboy
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New Book of Random NSC stuff by the-pulls
New Book of Random NSC stuffby she took the kids
Decided to get rid of the old one for some reason But this'll just be filled with whatever Read it if you wanna
  • dondon
  • dawnofriku
  • nsc
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Until Someone Gets Hurt {Newscapecrew Fusion AU} by the-pulls
Until Someone Gets Hurt { she took the kids
We are born independent but live out our lives as two people in one. Two parts of a whole coming together to finish the puzzle. We are taught to behave as one and that b...
  • fusion
  • jon
  • uni
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Newscapecrew oneshots by Kaidensworld
Newscapecrew oneshotsby Robo-dad
Salutations, My cool Kiddos. And welcome to my 'It's us!'/team shred/newscapecrew/D-gang/and more oneshot book. A oneshot is a short story for a ship. This book was orig...
  • zres
  • newscapepro
  • jonjon
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Fateless by Owl_Warrior
Fatelessby Owl_Warrior
In the Kingdom of Nera, everyone's destiny is known from the day they are born, for that is when they visit the Seer. Blessed with the power to gaze into a person's soul...
  • ships
  • dashlie
  • dawnofriku
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Blindfold-(Newscapecomics/crew) by Cinder5554
Blindfold-(Newscapecomics/crew)by Cinder5554
Uni has been wearing a blindfold around his eyes since he was 9 years old, but has never told anyone why. He and Cory, his new friend, travel around kingdoms and forests...
  • graser10
  • zres
  • newscapecrew
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NewScapeCrew: One Shots!! by SashaLashaDingDong
NewScapeCrew: One Shots!!by ✨unactive✨
(Read rules down below) What the title implies! I will be taking requests from people, if I didn't this wouldn't have many chapters to this day. I enjoy seeing people's...
  • duni×uni
  • newscapecrewoneshots
  • newscapecrew
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(DISCONTINUED) The Essence of Time [Newscapecrew] by the-pulls
(DISCONTINUED) The Essence of she took the kids
(THIS STORY IS DISCONTINUED, BUT FEEL FREE TO READ IT IF YOU WANT) A Disney AU What it appears to me is that you've always had all the time in the world to do something...
  • istherelikeatagformatt
  • dawnofriku
  • nick
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30 Day OTP Challenge!  by SashaLashaDingDong
30 Day OTP Challenge! by ✨unactive✨
The theme is NewScapeCrew! I have a list of 30 themes, and if I finish, I will get another one (off of google) and if finish all those, I'll get another and so on, (if I...
  • ashlie9596
  • frozengargon
  • newscapecomics
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Newscapecrew oneshots (idk) by nightmarionnefury
Newscapecrew oneshots (idk)by nightmarionnefury
If you are any of the actual newscapecrew for some odd reason reading this, i'm going to die. Of embarrassment cuz i know they arent very fond of being shipped.... I wil...
  • nosmut
  • dgang
  • dawnofriku
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THQ ASK/DARE by the_light_wolf
THQ ASK/DAREby the_light_wolf
u all know who the THQ is so have fun!!!
  • duni
  • dashlie
  • many
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NewScapeCrew One-Shots by Kel-KelTheDemon
NewScapeCrew One-Shotsby JordanTheDork
The cover is NOT mine. Request a ship if you'd like.
  • newscapecrew
  • zres
  • unicomics
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100 Kink Challenge  by Gaming_Crystal3099
100 Kink Challenge by ÇᏒᎽsᏆᎪᏞ ᏒösᎬ
This is the 100 kink challenge! The ships will be mostly Newscapecrew and skymedia ships! WARNING: THIS IS SMUT!! DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE SMUT!! Also I'm bad at writ...
  • ships
  • skymedia
  • newscapecrew
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newscapecrew, Skymedia oneshots by RussiaAmaya
newscapecrew, Skymedia oneshotsby Russia Amaya
it could be any thing you want anything and you could include me if you want to
  • ships
  • newscapecrew
  • d-crew
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Imaginary Friends  by IHaveNoCleanShirts
Imaginary Friends by k a i
-Cover made by my friend Wendy, it's not mine- There is an imaginary friend and a child. They're probably closer than any others, closer than the child's mother wants th...
  • brishlie
  • nickandjon
  • ashlie9596
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Newscapecrew X Reader Oneshots!  by xxcosmickittenxx
Newscapecrew X Reader Oneshots! by Luna
Just oneshots I think of that don't make it into my other stories💕
  • unicomics
  • newscapecrew
  • oneshot
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The Knights by Kamuln
The Knightsby Kam
High elves were always thought of as elegant As beautiful As calm As peaceful But want if they killed an entire race What would they be then? Necklaces were made with ge...
  • elements
  • dawnofriku
  • teamshred
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Book of All Knowing by CCookia
Book of All Knowingby CC
Basically Headcannons, Ideas, Extras, ect. Milestones: 9/9/19 - 1K
  • mianite
  • newscapecrew
  • ideas
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Newscapecrew One-Shots by Arwen_Summer
Newscapecrew One-Shotsby Fandom Account
One-shot book for Newscapepro and Friends! I will do: Requests Ships AU's (Soulmate, Kingdom, Children, Undertale, College, Video Games; e.i, Dead by daylight, minecraft...
  • dawnofriku
  • ashlie9596
  • unicomics
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Ask and Dare Newscapecrew! by KawaiiKitten9596
Ask and Dare Newscapecrew!by KawaiiKitten9596
  • shootski
  • askanddare
  • jonjon
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